Children Then, Children Now

“It is easier to build strong children then repair strong men.” Even in the 1400s and 2014 slavery should not happen anywhere in the world.

From being born into slavery or being tricked into slavery it should not happen anymore. Many of the people dealing with slavery have suffered enough from being abused physically and emotionally and they have gone through it for years. Also, in 1619 most of the slaves were African American since they were treated differently they, and were often born into slavery. Today all of the slaves can be any race. The most common abuse is human trafficking.

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Victims of human trafficking include children involved in the sex trade, adults age 18 or over. Human trafficking is part of modern day slavery. Lastly, emancipation proclamation was the best thing that happened during Fredrick Douglass’s time The most common way of slavery is that they both worked full days, no pay, and barley food and clothing. And also younger kids have to deal with sexual abuse. There is nothing kids can do about since they are so young they cannot overpower someone who is much older than them and they do not really control what they can or cannot do on a plantation or a field.

It was almost blighting. All of the slave masters were hectors to all of the slaves and like I said before there is nothing they can do about it. Lastly, the slaves that work day and night don’t get a lot of food. And there isn’t a brook in sight, there is no water to found. In Frederick Douglass’s time most of the slaves were African-American and they were born into slavery so there was no way out of it. The way it went was if that your parents or relatives were slaves you would become one.

You were also barley given any food. In fact, they were given food about once a month. And it was not even real food it was a mush and the kids would eat it like pigs. It was defiled and they did not bathe at all. That also shows hoe poorly they were treated. They would also work in brutal weather with a shirt or even nothing.

They would work in the coldest winters and the hottest summers. In the winter their hands were red, bloody, and they were idle. And there wasn’t a brook in sight. Also, all of the slaves were taken from their hometown. So they were not even in the same country as their family. Lastly, emancipation proclamation was the best thing that happened during Fredrick Douglass’s time In our time, the slavery is just as worse.

The thing that really catches my eye is the human trafficking. It mostly happens to kids under 18 because they are so young the people don’t really care on what they say. Also, people who were older than 19 were forced into marriage. And they couldn’t do any thing about it because one they would not listen and they could possibly get whipped. I also think that the women have a little more freedom than they did before. I think that because they get some food and some girls at the time got no food at all.

Or if they did it was very rare. All of the airs. To conclude, slavery in our time I better than slavery in Frederick Douglass’s time. It still is a big effect on the world and it needs t stop as soon as possible. Even though people are getting taken out of the horrible world they are in it is still hard to recover from what they just came out of and that they have a lot of freedom now.

“It is easier to build strong children then repair strong men.” This quote is saying that we want slavery to end as quickly as possible so kids can live their lives like a kid would.