Childs case study

He has brown eyes, black hair and has almond colored skin. According to the daycare center Christopher lives with mom, dad and two older sisters. The teacher states that Christopher spends approximately 10 hours in day care from Monday through Friday. He is place In a class room environment were the teacher lets him play, eat, and learn new things. When I was In the daycare getting ready to pick a child, little Christopher came up to me and gave me a hug.

That stood out to me and that is the reason why I picked this child. The director from the daycare shared that Christopher mom attends college and his dad works In a bike shop near the center. She said that the parents are receiving help from the government to help with the financial aspect of day care. In Beer peg. 72 it states that in this kind of situation the family category falls under a low social status. Physical and motor: According to the latest physical I(provided by the daycare) it stats that he weight is 28 pounds and his height is 36 inches.

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According to Beer peg 162 by the age of 2 the child Is 75% greater than at birth (36 Inches) and that his weight quadruples to about 30 pounds. Which means the he Is a healthy 23 month old child. When lunch time comes around I notice that Christopher ate all of the food that was placed on his plate. I asked the teacher what he usually eats and she said everything except green beans. She thinks that he eats all of the food because they give out cookies when they eat their food.

When Christopher finish eating the first thing that he said was “cookies”.

I was shown picture of Christopher when he was born until now. I notice that he lost all of his baby fat and is a typical slim down toddler according to Beer peg. 162. Cognitive: As I watched the teacher interact with Christopher I notice that she showed him a banana and said “yellow banana”. The child repeated several times what she said.

When snake time came around (about 1 hour later) the child received a banana he screamed “yellow banana, banana,banana”. Throughout my observation he also said yes, no, don’t do that, momma, dad, alai (his sister), Valerie (other sister), kiss , stop, eater, milk and cup.

When the child needed a dipper change he when up to the teacher pulled on her pants. He said “pup” the teacher new that he was pooped and that he needed a dipper change. Also when he was thirsty he said to her water. This 1 OFF snows Tanat ten CNN 10 understands want nee Is trying to say Ana Tanat nee can express Nils self when he needs things.

I notice that all of the toys that the child was playing with were either red or balls. He grabbed the balls often because all of the other children did not seem to be interested in balls. According to Beer peg. 84 Christopher should be Jumping in place. I notice that this child runs around, Jumps in place, walks and claims. This means that this child has achieved the skills that are needed for his age.

Socio-emotional: Christopher teacher states that he is a very playful child and that he is happy all the time. She said that the only time he gets cranky is when he is hungry or wants to take a nap. While observing this child I notice that he shares toys with other children, but when others don’t share he gets upset and starts to cry.

When his sisters arrived from school he ran up to them and gave them both hugs and kisses. He looked very happy to see them the child was Jumping around. When it was time for them to go to their designated class room the child started to cry.

I notice that he has poor emotional adjustment when he did not want to let his sisters go to their class rooms. Throughout my observation this was the only time I notice that the child felt a little bit sad. I notice that a few minutes later he was acting like nothing happened he was laying and screaming again.

I notice that the child was upset because he could not find his cup. The child was crying and screaming “cup, cup” he was looking all over the place and even grabbed other kids and said “cup”.

When the child finally found the cup he was so happy and screamed “yea cup” and he was laughing. Family or Home Factors: The director form the daycare center states that the child’s parents are very loving to all of the kids. They are a family of 5 with both parents present (parents are married).

Because the child is in day care so long the child might have an emotional effect when he sees someone from the family. I support this statement because I observed how the child reacted when the two older siblings went to their class rooms.

I was also told by other teachers that the child’s older sisters are very respectful and loving as well. I was shown the siblings daily folders and they had perfect behavior all the time. Summary: This child to me is a very happy baby. I believe that he receives a lot of love form all of his family members.

I think that the child observes how his sisters act and he acts the same way.

He loves to ask a lot what is this. I’m thinking is because he likes to learn. I did not see him through a fit or disrespect anybody. Compared to the other children he socialized with almost all of the teaches that walked in to the class room. I think that for his age he is very intelligent and out of all the kids in his class room (all age 2) he was the smartest one. His parents are doing a very good Job raising this child.

I can tell because of the behavior that his older siblings have.