Cisco Switches in China: The Year of the Manager

Cisco Switches in China: The Year of the Manager” 1 . Do you see a match between the HER practices of CARD (recruitment, salaries, evaluation, promotions) and the local HER practices in China? Why? We see no match between the 2 HER practices.

China aims for a focus on the building of a culture through human-resource practices while describing such steps as “securing an appropriate building, assembling a workforce, seeking appropriate rejects, developing managers, building teams, evaluating performance, protecting intellectual property, and managing growth. ” Salaries/Promotion: -CARD: wants employees responsible for different functions paid differently.

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However, China HER wants the same salary for everyone. -CARD: gives employees raise, but for China, employees only receive raise during Chinese New Year.

Evaluation: -CARD evaluates the performance of employees between each other and give bonuses accordingly. 2. What is the basic IHRAM orientation of the CARD? Why? The IHRAM orientation of the CARD is global because managers are selected and trained to manage cultural diversity inside and outside the company.

Employees inside the organization have culturally diverse backgrounds and there is no hierarchical structure in the organization. Furthermore, employees and managers undergo continuous training to adapt to changing cultures and languages. 3. If you were in Raciness’s position, would you promote Jasmine Chou?

Why or why not? If we were In Archangel’s position, we would not Promote Chou because there Is controversy between testers and developers. As both developers and testers generally have similar educational backgrounds, there is usually inherent tension between them, which is described in the Cisco case.

Chou has experience as both a tester and developer and would be highly aware of the hostility between the two positions. Ultimately, there would be negative effects on the developer who expected to get Tanat position IT we promoted Loon, sun as losing race.