The War Of The American Civil War

My heart and my brain, oh my heart and my brain. They can’t stand each other, put them in the same room and only one of them will get out. They are always fighting over the control of me and my decisions involve with them. Girls.

They said I have two very different personalities and this is because they take control over me and I can’t take control back. They are the cause of this civil war, brain vs heart. The red’s vs the white’s1. They are the leaders of these two organized groups trying to take me from power of my republic. Is a battle that I am losing, I’m losing control of my own body.My heart is like Romeo.

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He is a complete idiot that only wants passion in life. My heart is a horny organ that is only looking for love where he is not going to find it. Every time he sees a hot girl with green eyes, brown hair, big and red lips, and a tremendous body, he moves mountains to get her, it doesn’t matter its not the right girl for him. He doesn’t measure the consequences. Most of the times the girl end up hurting him. The only thing he wants is to have fun.

When he fins his prey he transform into a dictator. He orders everybody to be in their houses after eight and if someone disobey him he kill them right away. He may be a tough guy but really his is like a girl. When his plans don’t work as he wants and his prey manage to escape his deadly tramps, he enter in a big depression that affect my whole body. Blood stop circulating creating a food shortage all across my body. My muscles stop receiving oxygen making them fell very tired so I need to stay still until he feels like working again.

I don’t like him felling in love because he has more downs than ups and that’s no a good statistic for my body.My brain is a complete different thing. My brain is very shy. He doesn’t like to talk with girls. Every time he gets the courage to talk with one, he freezes.

My tongue and mouth began asking for commands but my brain doesn’t send any. My mouth is not clever so every time he start talking by his own nothing gets out is like hearing a baby trying to talk. But my brain actually is very clever. When he thinks things enough he is able to get every girl he wants it doesn’t matter that is bigger than him or much much cutter than him. The only problem he is very slow to accomplished such a thing.After thinking a lot I came out with a solution.

I talk to each one and persuade them to seat with the other and me. I have made a conclusion. If they unify their talents no matter that they have differences. They will be able to get every single girl they like. With the flamboyancy of the heart and the brain of the brain were going to make big things. Finally we will be able to get you.

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