Click Frenzy

Q6. Do you think Click Frenzy did a good job in managing its visitors and customers? Why? Click Frenzy did not do a good job in managing its visitors and customers.

This is because the majority of online stores, in spite of not receiving any click from the traffic that was expected from the initiative went down when people directly hit their websites. It is apparent that Click Frenzy managed to do an impressive job at making interest, however, the hosting decisions of the initiative were demanding. The management of the initiative was poor and inexcusable because cloud hosting is flexible and affordable. Therefore, since the management knew that they could expect a traffic surge, they could have been prepared with the appropriate measures to handle the issue and prevent disappointing customers and visitors. In spite of the initiative collapse being attributed to mistakes if information and technology, the real failure of the initiative was the failure of management to plan, understand and employ the technology effectively (Sheehan 2010, pp.

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43-52). Click Frenzy failed to make certain that the site had adequate capacity that would be able to manage new visitors and customer’s influx. On the other hand, Click Frenzy failed to manage its visitors and customers due to lack of proper monitoring of the site infrastructure. When there is lack of close monitoring of online store, then the management will fail to be prepared for events of high traffic surge thus, they will only start to respond to it when it occurs like in the case of Click Frenzy whereby the activity was inadequately monitored resulting to the crash of the sites. Furthermore, there was the failure of the sites to manage the cloud (Winer 2000, pp.

78-96). When there is proper management of clouds, the sites can be automatically enabled to scale down and up the cloud source amount, as well as the capacity of the needs of the application. This basically implies that retailers ought to make certain that their sites have a capacity that is adequate, as well as supervision thus, whenever the site will be handling a traffic surge of visitors and customers, it will not fail even when under pressure. Therefore, for retailers to be able to compete in online marketing, an approach that is transformational is needed to produce a competitive product and pricing offer through the use of improved operational structures, supply chain, and sharp focus that can bring value to consumers (Clifton 2003, pp.11-37) Q7. How did Social Media impact the reputation of Click Frenzy, before and after the sales period? Social media impacts online marketing, either negatively or positively.

Before the sales period, social media created wide market activity, as well as awareness that develop within a comparatively short time. Initially, hundreds of brands and retailers signed up for the Click Frenzy, social media facilitated the leverage of retailers and brands to thousands of customers and visitors that reached wide and far (Smith & Zook 2011, pp. 64-77). The social media allowed the visitors and consumers to have instant entrance to information thus, allowing leveraging of social media in making purchase decisions without getting engaged with the product or brand. On the other hand, local retailers dictate the product pricing, product ranges and promotion.

However, with the increased globalization, and online shopping adoption, consumers have become more resourceful and educated in discovering great prices in great products. Social media, for instance Facebook enabled consumers and visitors to compare deals in Click Frenzy deals to international and local offers, highlighting valuelessness in some of the Click Frenzy deals. The initiative turned out to be extremely successful by utilizing the social media to develop awareness to consumers through the taping into the voice and reach through Twitter, Facebook, as well as Google+ (Kania 2001, pp. 152-156). After the sales period, social media impacted the initiative negatively for instance; the majority of visitors and consumers started using the media to criticize the brandthrough the use of hash tags, twitter handle and Youtube videos that targeted poor product offers and poor product execution. On the other hand, the social media focused on highlighting how Click Frenzy was a major failure and also blamed Grant Arnott, the man who started the initiative with his several interests such as helicopter flying, water skiing, and several ventures in entrepreneurial business in a negative way. Therefore, social medial engaged itself in bringing out the operational risks, as well as creating embarrassment, public humiliation and embarrassment of the management.

Social media possesses the tools that are democratized, and therefore, they create self expression that transforms the relationship that consumers and visitors have with products, brands, as well as services. The networks effects develop the ability of unsatisfied customer to manipulate the purchase decisions that millions of consumers make (Janal 1998, pp. 7-21). Q8 How can retailers prepare for a Click Frenzy? From what was experienced in Click Frenzy initiative, it is apparent that retailers ought to make adequate plans and put measures in place to handle the occurrence of such an in incident. Therefore, for every retailer who desires to make the most of promotion in major sales like Click Frenzy, planning and preparation for an increase in traffic in the promotion is paramount. On the other hand, it is complicated to deal with e-commerce thus, retailer must make certain that there has to exist a fine balance in marketing and advertising, the design user experience and usability, the development of the website, the platform of the software, infrastructure hosting and third-party system integration all must get tuned to make sure there is optimum performance.

The organizers of the initiative need also to be aware of limitations for instance, the inability to manage and predict immense demand and interest can occur as a result of technology and planning failure (Deen 2012, pp. 93-66).Before the start of a Click Frenzy initiative, retailers should ensure that they have put several measures in place to make sure that they make the most out of the promotion value. This can be achieved by giving information and notice in advance. The service provider ought to be given sufficient information and notice regarding marketing campaign or traffic spikes in advance.

This will facilitate planning, testing and implementation of the enhancements in the networks or optimizations in the websites (Miller 2008, pp.50-65). The retailers should also make sure that their databases have been optimized by watching the database during the normal operation of the site and recognize any kind of expensive queries that make use of high database number, as well as CPU time to finish their tasks. Once the retailers realize the queries, then they can set up indexes or modify the queries to reduce the usage of the database. This will ensure that there are enough databases for visitors, as well as consumers to carry on their transactions in the site without any failure. The retailers are also supposed to ensure that the website is adequately monitored to prevent any critical occurrences.

Monitoring enables the retailers realize if anything has gone wrong, and how fast the pages take to load. This will enable high performance and satisfaction of customers and visitors (Ryan & Jones 2011, pp.103-114). Q9 Using other strong brands which have been born online (eg, Google, Facebook), how do you build a successful online brand? The internet has placed marketing online in the front position in matters dealing with relevant marketing and promotional strategies to boost the sale of brands. The importance, as well as the popularity of marketing online can basically be attributed to its marketing solutions that are timely and cost-effective. Therefore, in order for retailers to build an online brand that is successful, they ought to master and learn the fundamental techniques of dealing with a marketing and branding campaign.

Usually, the vital element of a branding campaign that is successful rests majorly on how well the retailer defines the customers and target market. The relevant segment qualification in the sell of the brand does not require the retailer to pinpoint the consumers who need and want the brand. Therefore, the most critical online branding strategies rely on the retailer discovering the customers who have the potential to purchase the brand (Braunstein & Levine 2000, pp. 43-67). Using strong online brands such as Google and Facebook, the retailer can develop and define a profile that is comprehensive about potential and existing customers.

This can be done by making a reference to surveys, market research, as well as the existing database of clients. Once the retailer develops profile market segments that are potential and the existing base of clients, then an effective online branding strategy can be effectively developed. On the other hand, the retailer should consider sites that are the most popular and having the largest number of customers. Once the sites get pinpointed, then the retailer can start to implement online strategies to market the brand (Funk2009, pp. 31-39).

The other aspect that the retailer ought to consider is the decision made regarding the brand content, as well as the campaign material in the internet ad. An online brand that is effective necessitate that the content of the ad in Facebook or Google focuses on the brand information. Once the fore mentioned principles have been done, then the only aspect that remains is to monitor and track the performance of the brand. It is vital to monitor and track the brand because the process will not reflect only the brand’s overall performance, but it will also pinpoint variables of critical success since they are the factors that limit the overall performance of the brand (Cohen 2006, pp. 29-31).

Q10. What do you think are the future branding challenges and opportunities for Click Frenzy?Click Frenzy faces several future branding challenges and opportunities. Driving traffic and generating awareness is a challenge since the majority of retailers do not have enough number of attracted prospects, and they also are not aware of the kind of channels that they ought to focus on so as to get a higher return. In order for the retailer to attract interested prospects in high volumes, there has to be more generated awareness by various channels that are available, such as a perfect social network, or a business blog. These tools can offer the opportunity to the retailer by widening the top of the marketing funnel and spreading awareness about the brand (Levinson & Rubin 1995, pp.

87-89). The other challenge is effective targeting. In any kind of marketing, targeting is the major component of every aspect of marketing. Therefore, to become more effective when targeting, the retailer ought to identify the persona of the prospective consumers in order to evaluate potential markets. Therefore, the retailer ought to create a detailed target audience picture by evaluating demographic segments, identifying the needs, and developing profiles that are behavior based (Drew 2002, pp. 79-81).

The use of social media is also a challenge in generating revenue and customers. Social media offers a platform for retailers to recognize influencers, create segmentation of user groups on their interests and social activity, and accurately time and manage communications. The other challenge is the ability of the retailer to keep up with strategies and trends in marketing. Social media has dominated two way communication platform and feedback collection. Therefore, for retailers to be successful with their online brand, they ought to realize the position of the prospective consumers, how they can offer the value, and the best techniques and tools to employ in doing so. On the other hand, the retailers face a challenge of proving and increasing ROI.

Retailers ought to understand and measure the effort n respect to customers, revenue, as well as leads. They ought to prove that their ROI is sufficient enough to satisfy time, effort and money. Therefore, retailers who are effective in carrying out online brand marketing will have to posses the ability to relate every single customer, lead, as well as money back to the brand initiative that developed them (Kotler 2000, pp. 123-127)