My school is a pretty good school. It isn’t so low budget that it is depressing but isn’t out of control. As I stated my school is a pretty good school.

But every school has it’s flaws including mine and one of our flaws happens to be… Cliques.We may not be the cliquiest school around but we sure do have our fair share of cliques. We have the snobby preps and the not so snobby preps. We have the Goths,skaters,punks and the so called “EMO’s. We have the people who aren’t loaded so their considered “scumbags or dirtbags.I try to be a glider one who moves from group to group not becoming one of any clique.

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Though I do have one close group of friends that I spend most of my time with and the more I’ve thought about it, I’m part of a clique in sorts. That kind of is a clique because their seems to be that one girl they all expect me to deal with like they can just make me like her but I don’t. Not at all! Which is why I myself am somewhat feeling the pressures of a clique. Now however I wonder if I’ll make it through or if I’ll become pushed out of the clique? No, I won’t let that happen because this isn’t reallyA clique right? But it is and just like most cliques it was formed unknowingly. We may not be one of those really mean cliques made up of snobby and cruel girls who hurt people’s feelings but a clique is a clique, Mean and snobby or Mellow and sweet alike.

A clique is a clique.