College Essay: Education Doesn't Matter?

Someone who thinks that education doesn’t matter or that going to college is a waste of time and money is someone who negates the value of life. Hearing these words causes me to think that the person who spoke these outrageous words was NOT thinking. Getting a good education these days is a must for decent jobs but even that in itself is not the main focus of why education is a major part of life.

Learning is the key to solving everyday problems and also a necessary tool in developing good personal relationships. Education is simply learning to live. It’s what you learn and how you use it in the world today that makes you who you are tomorrow. That is why it is of the utmost importance to want the best education there is. A life that is lived negatively, often times reaps negative consequences.

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Learning to see things in a positive light will keep the desire to learn, the quest for knowledge and the pursuit of higher education in their proper places. Thus, it is for these reasons I have personally decided to get a college education. It’s not about the money I’ll earn in the future, it’s about how far I was willing to go to better myself in the quest for knowledge.