College Information

Dear Teen Ink, I think that Teen Ink is a great magazine full of stories and life experiences expressed from a teenager’s point of view. Whenever I think of the future for Teen Ink, I always see it becoming better and I have an idea that will make Teen Ink reach for the stars. What are teenagers most likely going to do as soon as they graduate from high school? They go to a college! But which one? How can they decide? You need to let teens write about their college experiences. A list of colleges is good, but it is not good enough.

If you have people write to Teen Ink talking about their college experiences, it will make it easier for them to choose a college based on the writer’s opinion. I really think you should give information on different colleges. I love seeing improvement in your magazine. If you want your magazine to reach for the stars and become the best, get information on different colleges.

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