Communism is a government of pure evil because of its motives and the impact it has on people physically and mentally. Communism is a torment forced upon the unfortunate people in the countries with this form of government. The goal of Communism is to “….dominate the person, property, and thought of all citizens by means of physical and psychological force and terror.” The people in control want to have ownership of everything; including the human being. Communism is run by the means of ‘I want it now, and I’ll get it now,’ whether it be someone’s land that they are then forced to slave over it with little or no profit for those in charge, or even someone’s wife.

Communism also destroys the minds of people starting with the children; they are taught to hate free countries, especially America, and to hate our economical system. They are told that we are the evil ones, when all we want to do is help and to save them before they are lost in the psychological trick of Communism’s pure evil. Will you help?

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