The War

Through out history we as a nation have been in a good amount of war conflicts. One of the most rememberable wars is the Vietnam War. We lost tons of soldiers and the veterans that came back, were completely missed treated and were pretty much hated for their services.

Now a day’s people don’t realize how important the war was or how devastating it was as well. If more people learned about the true story about the war, I guarantee everyone would have changed thoughts about the war and give the Vietnam veterans a lot more respect. One of the main reasons we went to war with the Vietcong because we were scared that the south Vietnamese would fall under communism, the domino affect. Not too many people knew we were fighting to stop the spread of communism, which has bean one of America’s biggest enemies since the thought of communism was born. Also people don’t really know how cruel the war was as well. Even though we lost, we did some very bad things during Vietnam as well.

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Most people back in the U.S. thought we were fighting in the war for no reason, (the doves), but we were actually fighting to stop communism. If more people knew that we were fighting against communism, most people would be much more supportive of the soldiers and actually show them the respect they truly deserve today and when they served in the past. Back when the Vietnam War was going on, the reporting on it wasn’t very accurate about the war and why we were there complelty. The media did show some good things about the war but never mentioned anything about fighting communism.

Then to make it worse they advertised some of the bad stuff/events that were going on in the war, which angered many U.S. civilians. This caused massive anti war riots which resulted into know one giving any respect towards the U.S. soldiers.

A solution for this would be to have better media coverage during the war. Thanks to the bad media in the past, it has affected our generation today. Before I got educated I thought we went to Vietnam War just to fight, I never knew anything about the domino affect and the spread of communism that was going on at that time. If we were able to have better media in the past, everyone from the past and today would show so much more respect for the Vietnam War veterans. Unfortunately we can’t change the past so most Americans still think that Vietnam was a bad thing, which means Vietnam War vets, are still not getting the respect they truly deserve.

A simple solution would be to try to educate/remind America why we were in the war in the first place. Everyone now still hates communism so if everyone did know the true reason why we went to war, everyone will have more respect for the soldiers, and for their country as well. What I’m basically trying to say is that most U.S. citizens don’t know about the Vietnam war too well and because of it, our war veterans are still being disrespected today. They were complelty spat on when they came back and even 45 years later they’re still getting disrespected.

A simple solution to fix all this would be to educate America and remind them of why we were truly fighting in that war so the war veterans get the respect they deserve.