There is a wonderful girl living in the United States right now. She has worked hard in school as much as possible from the first day of kindergarten to the last week of her senior year in high school.

Her parents are hardworking people, but they always had a hard time finding work in their downtown neighborhood. In the morning, her mother wakes up at four-thirty in the morning and goes on a two hour-long bus ride to make it on time to a barely minimum-wage job as a personal assistant to a third-rate lawyer in a little-known company. She usually doesn’t make it home until the time that her daughter is making dinner. Her father wakes up at four and drives an hour to a family-owned farm in the country. Then he drives two hours in the opposite direction to sell the goods door-to-door until noon.

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After that, he goes to a barely-known unemployment office to work until late at night.But this girl gets up at six and reviews for any tests she has that day. Then she goes to a piano store in her neighborhood and practices for half an hour. After she’s practiced, this girl goes to school. After school, she takes the bus home to study and finish her homework.

Then she cleans their apartment and starts dinner. She eats her dinner and sees her mom after she’s almost finished. Then sometimes she will visit some elderly couples on their street, or call her grandparents. Occasionally she sees her dad before she goes to sleep.There is another type of girl living in the United States right now.

This girl is woken up by her impatient parents ten minutes before she has to be at school. She gets ready quickly and catches a carpool to school. If she has a test in class, she’ll sit next to the smartest person in class to see if she can sneak some answers. If she had homework, she’ll find some reason for the teacher to leave the room and then she will take the answer key.After school, this girl will go to an abandoned gas station her friends all meet at and bring some money for the “guest.” This person will sell them some drugs their parents would never let them have.

They would all hang out until that night, when they would go to a party that offered the group the best beer and wine. What do you mean, designated driver?Give me one reason that the first girl should be denied acceptance to college because she has a financial problem. The reason you are going to college is so that you can have a career and have no more financial problems. Give me on reason that the second girl should be given acceptance to college. She has all she ever wants: money for drugs and alcohol. How do you expect this country to be able to build the future if you’re denying the builders of the future supplies to build it?