Complain- disease or reality

Every person has come across the word- complain. In their lives, they had either heard someone complain or had complained themselves. So, everyone is familiar with complain. In schools, this had become a matter of tense. Even, in my school, being a student of class 07, there is a girl called Priya.

She has this hobby of complain. Actually, she has a past enmity with me. So, she would complain mostly to the teachers, who like me and tell my friends false rumors about me. So, anyway I had always been successful from getting away from these stuff. It is a reality that complain is an ‘awful disease’. Complain on good and serious matters is an excellent sign because it shows us that how caring good friends can be.

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But, complain on false rumors or minute reasons just shows us the symbol of a neurological disorder. Newspapers and media always focuses on this fact “Why Complain “? Even teachers are fed up with complains from various students. These students are termed as ‘patients’. They always do one thing and it is complain. I shall share some stories of my life with you all. One day, our Sanskrit teacher had told me to go and complain about all the boys and their shouting at the staff room.

I quickly answered -“I amn’t involved in all these troubles”. Oriya suddenly answered- “Ma’am she’s the blunt one. Can I go and report about it”? Ma’am herself is well-aware of her nature. Secondly, she complained to our teacher that I had done some wrong equations. Thirdly, she complained to Sweta,my close friend that I am a pervert one who always seeks for boyfriends.

But, Sweta didn’t believe in all these stuffs about me because she herself knows that I am not like that, and seriously,I amn’t any kind of pervert. All these proves that being a girl of 13 years, she complains like a 5- year old. This clearly shows that she has ‘neurological disorder’. This disorder is a common disorder for children. In my life- I shall say that Priya is either immature or she is jealous of me. Yes, she is jealous of my reputation, but I cannot say that she is immature for she acts well in every field of a 13- year old, also she is active and she does her homework and classwork.

She does not babble like a 5- year old or she does not cry like a child. So, it will be wrong to certify her as ‘immature’. Therefore, she can be termed as a sadist who enjoys by making others in pain. She is a patient who is mentally unfit. America, both the North and South are advanced nations and cares for such type of unfit patients.

Every country in the world, whether it is America or India, knows that complain is a dreadful neurological disorder. If anyone who always wants to complain, please read this article and make a strong resolve to yourself – “I will not complain”!