Coolburst Case

Burst problems and weaknesses: ? Problem for Luisa Reberedo, was that revenues and profits do not change last four years. ? Company could not growth because it has old traditions and employees who work in frame. ? CoolBurst brand problem – “every body knows CoolBurst is for kids”.

? Blatt – because he do not take new ideas. To my mind, if company (or people) something wants – it can do it! Most important are very good idea, but realization are only time and work question. This is the biggest restriction for creativity and innovativeness at CoolBurst. ? CEO LaRoue – old thinking. Strength of CoolBurst is: 1.

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Old traditions . Information technology system. 3. Fixed leader position in schools and restaurants. CoolBurst need to find new strategy.

All case is answer on question where CollBurst are now, and way. Luisa are on situation when need to find new understanding how to work in future. Employees work for different goals: first is “tradition following”, second work on creative new products and ideas. Company need one goal and need to follow it.If company change strategy, suggestions: ? Open new market (not only schools and restaurants), for example hospitals, airports, railway station, big companies or office houses – all public places.

Create new business within existing organization. ? Create new products. ? Use advertisement in internet – Twitter, blogs, and face book. ? Motivate employees come with new ideas. It is important than people can see, they can change company to better and better.

? To make atmosphere different from previous. Let people be creative and innovative. ? Use methods and techniques to get new ideas from employees. ? To implement new company law – obligatory holidays. Active work in working day, but not after work time. ? Change top managers who can not change to people who opinion are close to new strategy.