Every school has its variety of couples ranging from the quintessential quarterback and cheerleader to those that aren’t as common and some that are just plain weird. There is not just one set type of high school couple; every relationship is different and unique in its own way. To say that all couples can be classified into one archetypical category is to say that there is only one color in the color wheel. There is no possible way to point out the types of couples in high school, but most fall into general categories which are easily identifiable. We all know how we as individuals feel about all the types of couples but what you don’t know is that the type of couple you are in changes how you view other couples.

The three types of couples most easily identifiable whom offer different perspectives about other couples are the secretive couple, the off and on couple and the in your face couple. The Secretive Couple:The secretive couple is the most difficult of the three types to identify due to the fact that they tend to keep to themselves. Generally laid back and easy going, the secretive couple is the easiest to get along with, for the majority of people. They don’t feel the need to flaunt their relationship and shove it down other people’s throats. Those involved in a secretive relationship usually are down to earth and don’t have a skewed view on other couples.

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Due to the fact that they are laid back and easy going the two in the relationship can have different opinions about other couples without causing arguments or disagreements that would happen in other types of relationships. Their opinions of other couples would be the same whether they were single or in a relationship. Secretive couples don’t have the compulsive need to agree with each other all the time just to have a stable relationship. They view other couples as equals rather than competitors which is why, of the three couples, the secretive couple is the most laid back and easiest to get along with. The Off and On Couple:The off and on couple is the relationship that everybody loves to hate.

They are the two that finally date after a long and awkward period of being “just friends.” Once they finally date everyone tells them how good they are together and then it’s all downhill from there. It starts off as little arguments then quickly escalates to full blown fights until they reach the breaking point and break up. The two brush off the break up calling it a “rough patch” then begin dating again then fight and break up and repeat this cycle over and over. This process goes on and on for a while until they realize that they aren’t good for each other and end the relationship for good. The off and on couple does have an altered view on other couples because they usually aren’t happy in their relationship due to the constant fighting.

While they don’t view other couples as competition they do harbor some contempt for other couples due to the fact that every other relationship seems to function seamlessly while theirs is inconsistent and unstable. They resent the steadiness and consistency in other types of relationships. The resentment they have for other couples isn’t obvious however; it is detectable from the way they discuss other relationships. The In Your Face Couple: Last, but certainly not least, is the always wonderful in your face couple. This is the couple that everyone knows about whether they want to or not. They are the type that obsess over each other.

They hold hands while walking up the stairs slowing everyone down, hug right in the middle of the hallway and kiss for what seems like 1000 years all during a five minute passing period. This type of couple shoves their relationship down your throat every chance they get. There is seemingly no escape from these types of relationships because when they’re not advertising their relationship all over school, they’re posting picture of each other all over social media. It seems as if they crave the recognition of their relationship from everyone around them. However, with this type of relationship the allure of their attraction wears off quickly. The in your face couple definitely has an altered view of other couples because they feel that they have to be better than every other couple.

Every other couple is a competition for them and they are always trying to be the best relationship. When around other couples the in your face couple will do everything in their power to one up every other relationship any way they can. Even though they always try to be the best thy never last very long but somehow the two involved seem to always be in a relationship; and, with every new relationship comes a chance of having to stop in the hallway so they can hug goodbye or walk up the stairs extra slowly because they have to hold hands and can’t bear to be apart.