Crown Towers Hotel

Part 1 Introduction Crown Towers Hotel is a well renowned hotel located besides Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. In addition, the hotel is situated near the CBD (Central Business District) of Melbourne.

Crown Towers has 480 opulent rooms, each with modern facilities, like plasma screen TVs, air conditioning, iPod docking station and many others. In addition, the hotel has a well designed entertainment complex for guests, as well as a popular casino (Crown Towers 2012). Moreover, it has banquet halls, rooms for holding meetings, business centre, full time laundry, Wi-Fi, and indoor swimming pool. Generally, the hotel facilities are of a high class with renowned signature restaurant, as well as the Crown Spa, where the guests can treat themselves at their leisure time. Contest The contest involves winning a free tour to any place in the world that the winner would like to go to. The participants involve all individuals, who will make a reservation within the next three months.

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Basically, every reservation made is an entry to this contest. The criteria to choose a winner involve a guest, who makes more reservations within the time of the contest. The main aim is to attract more guests to the Crown Towers Hotel and also to promote it worldwide. Self- Liqidating Premium The reservation prices for rooms have been discounted by 10%. However, the total prices after the discount are far too beyond the cost of the reservation. For instance, there is a Deluxe King or Twin with a reservation price of $299, Tower Suite at $1380, Premier Club Suite at $609 (Crown Towers 2012).

After allowing the discount to the rooms’ costs, the new prices are $269.1 for the Deluxe King, $1242 for the Tower Suite, and $548.1 for the Premier Club Suite correspondingly. The costs for these products including the advertising cost are $91 for the Deluxe King, $670 for the Tower Suite and $203 for the Premier Club Suite. Specialty itemBasically, specialty item or product in the Crown Towers is the reservation for the Tower Suite. These rooms are the highly secured ones, which have the unique and modern electronics.

The rooms are often reserved for the politicians from various countries, as well as for the famous individuals, such as actors, artists and so on. These rooms are relatively expensive, than others. In this respect, these rooms are the relevant specialty item for the advertisement. Part 2 Support media concept Various media sources would be used in order to advertise the Crown Towers Hotel’s products to the potential consumeers. These include the social media, such as Facebook. These social media are a good platform for advertising, since they have millions of users all over the world. Basically, the company would create their page, where they can advertise their products. The administrator of the page would then aim at reaching various Facebook users to “like” their page. Besides, the company would concentrate on the website advertising, whereby they would put the description of their products.

In this respect, every advertisement in the social media would include the company’s website for further information and enquiries. Additionally, print media, such as magazines and newspapers, would be used to advertise their products. This would enable the company to reach as many potential consumers as possible. Event conceptIn order to promote the brand “Crown Towers”, the company should create an event that would attract various potential consumers. For instance, they can host an annual party, where everyone is allowed to participate.

In this event, the company should focus on promoting their products. The famous artists could be invited to promote this event. The main aim of the party is to popularize the company’s brand. Similarly, the hotel can hold an annual retreat, which would include all the loyal guests of the hotel. This will be aiming at maintaining their customers and establishing a strong relationship.