Cut the Learning Labs’ Losses

The learning labs are supposed to be a place of aid and education, but they seem to be more of disorganized chaos these days with the absence of teachers, a lack of teachers comprehending material, and an uneven distribution of students to teachers.

These seem to be few of many relevant issues in the learning labs today that must be recognized. While there are designated teachers for certain subjects pertaining to the Math, Science, and English fields of learning aid, the teacher’s presence is vital first and foremost in order for students to receive the help needed in the first place. Moreover, the amount of students will eventually outweigh a teacher’s teaching capacity creating wasted time and energy. With teachers attempting to juggle more students than they can handle, these students are not given the attention needed in an effort to ensure that they comprehend the information. However, attendance is not the only issue that the learning labs face on a daily basis; for example, if the teachers present in the learning labs specialize in a certain field of that particular subject and help is required outside of their area of expertise, the students will get nowhere in trying to understand the material.

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Despite having a teacher attempt to help a student, they just might actually be as confused as the student. It becomes frustrating for the student as an effort is being put forth, but the results do not accurately reflect that original effort. In order to carry out a solution, the learning labs must better prepare themselves for any given situation through more organization and scheduled planning. It is understood that certain rotations in the labs are designated for the teachers, but the process of these assignments are seemingly flawed and in dire need of correction. A lab should offer a diverse array of teachers that actually teach the subject, not just comprehend it. On many accounts there have been few teachers in a learning lab, but none of them actually teach the subject that the student needs help with.

In order to ensure that students are receiving the help needed, more teachers should be assigned to participate in these learning labs by allowing for more undivided attention that is not offered in class. Another implemented system is similar to having the students sign in, but it is actually meant for the teachers because it acts as a log of attendance. In further detail, these solutions will better the learning lab as a whole because they offer organization in the midst of such chaotic learning. Students will now be able to utilize the learning labs to the best of their ability without any fear of problems occurring. By including teachers that actually teach the specified field, students will benefit as said teachers are more familiar with the lesson plan and what the preferences are for certain answers. Teachers might notice a rise in those students’ grades because they are now successfully understanding the information after visiting the labs.

These students are able to better understand the material because the ratio of students to teachers is no longer disproportionate. The logbook used in order to track teachers’ attendance is able to make sure that they are held accountable because that is what the teachers are trying to get across to the students: we are held accountable for our mistakes. While this improvement is meant to positively influence the learning labs’ organizational skills, it also builds upon the school’s fundamental values and opinions. By exploiting these solutions, the learning labs will be prepared for any predicament and no longer be a place of disorganized chaos, but rather a place of order and efficiency.