David Lee: Teacher ; Coach

Some might say this teacher is crazy, some may say he is strict, and some may say he is unorthodox, and frankly that is him being him. His name is David Lee. He is a Teacher, Coach and Mentor all in one.

Here are some stories about him that make him stand out from all the other teachers. If you ever attend John Dickinson High School you have to experience his teaching. Mr. Lee has been working as a teacher for more than 15 years. Once you enter the door of his classroom you may not know what to expect.

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His personality is remarkable. I don’t think I ever seen him sit at his desk. He is always up and interacting with the students. When he teaches, he teaches stories revolving to the curriculum. now if you have ever known someone who knows Mr.

Lee they might say he is very talkative, in my eyes it is a very good thing because a teacher who is talkative is a teacher with wisdom and he is everything about that. Mr. Lee shows hubris to each one of his students to make sure that they understand what they are being taught. If a student tells him he does not understand he will take his time to help him while still keeping everyone on track. If you know Mr. Lee you should know that he is very well with words.

His motivation and passion goes further than any other teacher I’ve encountered before. He inspires me to be more than I am now, because he does not just teach World History, he also teaches life lessons. If you are having a bad day he will brighten it up and give you strength. I think that his words of wisdom makes students strive to what the want to be in the future. I have been playing volleyball for six years now.

and I never had anyone with so much knowledge with this sport. I remember last year I was scared to play high school volleyball, I knew nothing of school volleyball compared to the volleyball I play for Church. But he believed in me. In the 2012-2013 season I was placed on the Varsity team. Varsity team! usually you go from Junior Varsity to Varsity but he believed in me and put me as a starting player.

And yeah I know im not the best on the team and there are times where I play like im the best and times where I have a bad day but if I ever have an off game or when all hope is gone, he can give you the strength to keep going no matter what. One thing that I thought was fascinating is that after every game he brings the team to the corner of the Gym and talks about how the game went. The one game that stood out to me was our game against Salesianum. It was special because it was the winner plays in the finals. and the loser plays for third place. each and one of our player did tried their hardest.

even though we did not win we played together as a team and loved doing what we do. He brought us to the corner to give us a talk. We were all disappointed, disappointed that we didn’t win. I thought Coach would be upset with us, but I was wrong. He told us how proud he was in us. he said that it means so much how this team works together and progressed over the year.

He said volleyball is progression, you progress every time you step onto the court. He told us to keep our heads up, and that he loves us. And that shows how good of a coach he is to us. I still have Mr. Lee as a Teacher, and coach for another two years. He has shown me that as a teacher and a Volleyball coach that he will never, ever give up on you.

I encourage that one day you will meet this marvelous person and experience how he is. I will look back years and years from now and say you were the one teacher who can turn every frown upside down in a few simple words. A teacher whose words of wisdom impacted my future entirely. And finally that teacher that made the biggest difference in my life. Thank You Mr. Lee