Decrease College Tuitions

College tuitions are one of the biggest money problems in the world and that is a well-known fact. Within just the recent years of 2013-14, tuitions are about $22,826 for just public colleges.

Imagine how expensive private schools will be. Having a college degree is one of the main purposes of life, because according the National Worldwide, getting a college degree with gets you 5-10 times more money than not having a degree, and of course money is the key to living. Since having a college degree is so important and hard to get, why spend thousands of dollars per year to get it? You can spend that thousands of dollars on housing, cars, food, clothing ETC, yet we chose to spend it on a college degree. So that leads to the main question, should a college education be free? Thousands of students struggle with loans, financial aids, tuitions all because of a college degree. A lot of students all across the world drop out of college because they can’t afford or have the money to pay for their education due to the fact of how expensive tuitions are.

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Also because majority works a part time job to try and afford these tuitions, yet they lose focus on school because they can’t finish their homework or study when they’re at work. While these students who actually wants a degree that can’t afford it, other students who are richer has no problem paying off their college tuitions, doesn’t even care about their education, and how is that fair? Including with that, a lot of student’s tuition goes back paying labs for scientist in the college to try and invent or discover something new. If a student goes into another field that has nothing to do with labs or scientists, how is it fair for that person to pay off something that doesn’t involve with their major? It’s unfair and something you shouldn’t pay for if it doesn’t involve with you or your major. A lot of students want a free education because they can’t afford to pay for the tuitions yet others think that a college education shouldn’t be free because how would we be able to pay off professors who are teaching students? Some students have no problem paying off their college tuitions because they’re rich or they work a part time job and can balance it off. So why would other students who can’t afford an education pull them down with them? It isn’t fair either because everybody wants a college degree, and it’s really up to people to actually try hard enough to get it or not. Adding to that, tuitions also goes back to improving buildings, gyms, libraries and those things are useful to everybody, a reason why tuitions are so expensive as well.

What I personally think is a college education shouldn’t be free, yet it shouldn’t be so expensive either. Therefore more students will graduate with a degree, more students will succeed in life, and more students will make more money to support themselves and their family. Tuitions shouldn’t be cheap but just the right amount of money ($1,000-10,000 for all schools) that is worth an education. Too many people can’t afford an education and it’s unfair for them to not have it while others do. Yet those people shouldn’t bring down others who can afford an education. I think we need to decrease these tuitions just so everybody can afford it and have a college degree everybody desire to have.