Teachers say, ‘Jessi, you’re late; you are getting a detention.’ Why do teachers give students detention? What if students are late to school? I believe that if students at Appleton West High School don’t follow the rules, they should have consequences. I think this is a good way to make a student a better person and to prepare them for the future.

For example, in a work environment, there is a certain time employees need to be at work and if they’re not there on time, they will get fired. So I think getting detentions is a good way to help students prepare for the future. My first reason why students should get a detention is if students are disrespectful in class. I think they should respect the adults and even classmates because being at school helps you get ready for the future. I think by giving them a detention they will learn that they need to give respect to others.

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They learn that is a way for them to pay for their bad actions. I’ve seen many students change and not repeat what they had done wrong. My second reason why students should get a detention is for skipping school. I strongly believe that students who are skipping school have an unexcused absence, need to serve a detention. If they want to be absent for something that will help them in later years, then they shouldn’t even go to school. I think it’s not a good idea to skip school for no good reason.

My third reason why students should get detentions is for fighting. Fighting doesn’t solve anyone’s problems; it causes more problems to the situation. People can get hurt and you don’t want that at school. Giving someone a detention for fighting will help them think about their manner in a more mature way. I think detentions help them in the real life because if they fight, they can get in to more serious trouble and go to jail. When students do something wrong, they need to be responsible because outside of school there are bigger consequences.

By having detentions, it is a way to learn and prepare for real life situations.