Running Out of Time

It’s the end of 1st hour and the bell for second hour has just rung.


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. Guess what!!!!! Your computer will not shut down! When it finally does shut down, you have to go to your locker, to the bathroom and then to class—–all in 3 minutes!! This is not only crazy, but impossible! So you decide to either go to the bathroom and your locker and be tardy or just skip the bathroom and ask your teacher when you get there. But then you have another thought, what if your teacher says no? All this stress wouldn’t happen if we had more time to go from one class to the next. Have you ever been tardy? Or should I be asking how many times have you been tardy? There is just not enough time between one class to the next. Being from Evanston Middle School, we only have 3 minutes to go from one class to the next. That is not very much time considering sometimes we have to go from one end of the school to the other or walk between the different buildings outside.

I do when I go from spanish to science. Spanish is in one building then I walk outside and cross over to the other building! Plus, we work with computers sometimes and you know technology. Computers don’t always seem to do what you want them to. They seem to just have a mind of their own. So, I have been tardy before.

I understand that some more time might make the hallways a little chaotic but they can be chaotic already. Kids racing to not be late for their next class, bumping people, knocking them down. CHAOS!!! Do you know how heavy a binder and textbooks can be? Since we have so little time from class to class, we have no time to go to our lockers and drop off the things we no longer need and pick up things that we do need. Instead we have to carry all the stuff for every class all the time! It’s really not good for our health. According to Kate M. Cronan Md from KidsHealth.

org says a backpack that is more than 10% of your body weight will cause poor posture. Plus, our spines can move in the wrong way. My personal backpack weighs between 15 to 25 pounds everyday! That’s insane!!!! I know that if there is more time between classes, that the school day would have to be longer for each of our classes to last a certain amount of time but, isn’t that better than ruining kids health? We have all heard the word detention. Sometimes we get detention for being late to a certain class so many times. I understand that not every single person has been to detention, but we do all know that it is real, it exists.

Have you actually ever thought about detention? Well not only do the students hate it for being boring and a waste of time, but the teachers have to stay after too. I bet some of them don’t like staying after with kids who have detention all because they were tardy. Now THAT sounds FUN!!!! This wouldn’t happen if we had more time to go from class to class. So that’s it, time between classes should be longer for several reasons. There would be less tardies, no back problems, and less tardy detention!!!! I would really enjoy this wouldn’t you? So lets give it a shot. What is wrong with having a little more time to go from class to class?