In Texas, visiting my brother I stepped in a pile of sand not knowing what dwelled beneath. The second my shoe hit the ground, a swarm of red ants two centimeters in size poured out to defend their home. My right foot was covered in these vengeful creatures in seconds.

The bites of dozens of the coronavirus caused a scream from my lungs similar to a little girl. These Ants produced dozens of bleeding bites on my leg, and these ants were small ones to note. The Other 10000 races of these ants could have killed me or delivered a more destructive pain than these ants. From the deepest trenches of Earth, the species of ants are the dominant race of the subterranean world. These variety of races may conquer the earth as the Superior Beings. Most commonly mistaken for termites ants may be the top of predators and scavengers.

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“However, ants have a narrow “waist” between the abdomen and thorax… Ants also have large heads, elbowed antennae, and powerful jaws(National geographic).” These jaws are an example of the power ants may have. Bullet Ants have the most powerful and painful bites from these jaws. Hence the name, the Bullet Ant’s bite may deliver the pain equill the force from a bullet fired from a handgun. Another species the “Allomerus Decemarticulatus” uses its jaws to seize prey in plant fiber traps. The basic black or wood ants do not bit with their jaws.

The spray a form of acid from their mouth to defend their home against intruders. This is not the only power Ants are born with. The basic body of an ant may lift and carry twenty times its own weight. The purpose for this intense strength is to let the female drone ants gather food. Sense ants are omnivorous any digestible substance will be used to increase the colony size.

Each race of ants differ in size from bullet ants being two inches to ants one fourth of an inch. The normal ant may live several weeks or 60 days. Their six legs have three joints to move with ease. Because of this their speed is equivalent to a human running as fast as a racehorse. Ants have jaws but most do not eat solid food.

They basically suck all the fluid from the food they have leaving the dried crust as waste. The Ants that do eat solid food are Fire Ants for example. The body of ant ant is hard on the outside and all the intestines are inside. This hard skin is called the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton’s purpose is to protect the ant from harm. The males of a colony’s only purpose is to mate with the queen or queens like in the yellow crazy ant family (Anoplolepis gracilipes).

After the mating process, the males may die. The drones, or workers, of an ant horde are females that have no wings, and can not reproduce. they construct the colony tunnels and gather food. The large heads are necessary for the brain and eyes of the ant. Ants are extremely intelligent. They can use their bodies to cling to each other to make a ladder to reach high places for possible food.

The most aggressive races of ants may do this to gain access to isolated locations where this food may be. Also, ants have the unique ability to socialize within the colony. This communication allows the ant race to unite as a team to accomplish mighty tasks for their size. They have the capability in numbers to assault much larger prey than their own size. With the strength of twenty times their own weight, numbers, and communication ants may devour squirrels or rabbits with ease.

In some races of ants, they will eat large reptiles or fish. On the other hand, the more passive ants in most common cities will only eat the scraps of human food on the ground or in the trash. Ants also will eat nectar, seeds, fungus, and insects. The eyes of ants are useful to see simple objects. They, like spiders cannot see the clearly with only eyes. Each eye of an ant is actually dozens of smaller eyes that capture different views of the world around them.

Ants have the unique elbowed antennae. This sensory advantage allows the ant to detect the order and presence of near by hostels or possible food. With my unfortunate incident the ants that I provoked chased me across the street and over a small field near a park. This is how the elbowed antennae functions. The fibers on the antennae detect the presence of anything near by, including each other and can detect a trail left by attackers or a clumsy person. Also, each ant colony has their own smell so intruders can be detected immediately.

The ant family is home to a variety of races that have their own exotic power. This power may be in mental capability or in physical strength. In some cases the race may have a combination of both along with aggression. Ants all over the world control the subterranean world as devours. “Ant.

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