Did We Forget About Women's Rights!?

What are the rights of a woman? Ahhh! I forgot we did not have any rights for them! They are not well thought-out as equal as men. They are thought to be the weaker ones because of their voice, their strength, and their characteristics. In this article I will talk about the rights of a woman by providing you with the best examples I can. In some undeveloped countries women are seen as slaves and maids for their family. They are being misrepresented in order to earn money for their family.

Is this the way it works for them? Don’t they have emotions in them? Don’t they have feelings? Today there are many young girls who are not achieving the dreams they want to because they don’t have the essential privileges. They are being forced to do things which are totally against the rights of a woman. They are forced to take their kidneys out and sell them so that they could earn the HALF OF THE SELLING AMOUNT. People don’t realize that when a girl is born she is made to have a brighter and a better future and be the beautiful creature that God has ever created on Earth! I have heard a lot of stories from families that when a girl is born the father and the in-laws throw the mom and the baby out of the house because they needed a baby boy. The main issue that girls do not have the same self-belief as the boys have is because they are really scared of what they say, what they hear, what they see and what they talk. This is wrong! It is so embarrassing for her.

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Was it her mistake or was it her mother’s mistake that she gave a birth to a baby girl? I am not embarrassing anyone or accusing anyone by their actions but I am just taking a stand against the actions taken not in favor of women.When a girl becomes a woman she is known or seen as the representation for her husband and her in-laws. When a woman transforms into a mother she is a representation for her children and her husband. She works hard for her family and makes sure that no one can embarrass or humiliates her family, she protects them and after all of that she gets to be insulted by her own family? Her husband doubts her, her children disgrace her because of her being old-fashioned and quite not having a good pronunciation of English. There are women who therefore have taken stand and raised their voices for women rights and many women are inspired by them. Maria Eugenia Cruz from Colombia is a great woman that raises her voice against the sexual assault against women.

People don’t believe that there are some rights that are made by God. These are unalienable rights. Unalienable rights are rights which are created by God and they can’t be taken away from people.There are many other girls and women who silenced the world by showing their courage and by making people realize that men and women sure do have roles- their roles are different, but their rights are equal. I salute all the women who stood up for the rights of a woman, some passed, leaving us the opportunity to raise our voices for our rights although they are no longer with us now but they will still be in our hearts and we love themand some still alive are fighting for the rights.

I heartily thank you for all those who fought and are still fighting to have equality between men and women. I would like to end my debate by requesting my readers to please take a stand against violence that includes anyone because if you help take someone out of trouble, someone might help you out of trouble too.