Discrimination in the Battlegrounds

Life.Love.The pursuit of happiness.

Statements that should illustrate our rights as human beings, but instead, they illustrate things many didn’t receive. The purpose of the United States constitution was to create freedom and tranquility so that pedestrians could live in peace and sanctuary. However this did not take place because of racial discrimination and gender differences. This took place customarily in Native Americans, women, children, and African Americans. Since these individuals were excluded from the so-called equality of the Constitution, the United States constitution excludes Native Americans from having equal rights. Native Americans were deprived of their private property and liberty, were not given the ability to vote, and were quarantined.

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Being unfairly treated, Indigenous people and other so called minorities, were denied the basic humane right to their sole estate. In the 5th amendment of the Bill of Rights, it states that all people have the right to their own property, however, this wasn’t true for everyone.”…nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation” (Bill of Rights, 5th amendment). The fact that Native Americans had to fight for their rights is contradictory to the Constitution. Since Native Americans were forced to give up their land, while everyone else was not, they were treated beneath everyone else.

It is important to pay for permission to use others’ property because not paying makes it seem like you do not respect anyone’s legacy or heritage. That means that not only is this Constitution disrespectful to past, present, and future Native Americans , it also disrespects what Native Americans stand for. The invasion of others’ property as done in the Constitution is rude and unfathomable. Since Native Americans’ homes were taken away, they felt like they did not belong to something. Because of this, they felt like they could not be in serenity and that their legacy was demolished.

Native Americans and African Americans were denied the basic ability to vote, even though the Constitution clearly states everyone can. In the 15th amendment, the bill of rights states that all people have the right to vote and that right shouldn’t be restricted based on discriminative ways. ‘’… The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude” ( Bill of Rights , 15th amendment ) The fact that Native Americans were denied the right to vote is a contradictory to the Constitution. This illustrates that Native Americans were discriminated against because they were not allowed to do something the Constitution declared everyone should be able to do. Since they were denied this right, their voices were silenced.

To have someone’s voice silenced is equivalent to telling their personalities and their very being that they don’t matter. This causes depression and happiness to be demolished completely. They felt like no one cared about them. It is a horrific experience to feel this way. Native Americans were quarantined and treated like animals by doing so.

In the 1st article, 8th section, it explains how only congress could associate with Native Americans. ‘…To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes” (Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution). This is extremely offensive and unjust because it is rude and unnecessary to say only congress can Converse with Native Americans. It is the same thing as saying that you are and animal and do not deserve to see people. Not only were Native Americans land taken away, they were also labeled as animals.

This makes people feel like they don’t deserve to live and is extremely disrespectful. Minorities , including Native Americans, women, children , and African Americans, were discriminated and excluded from a supposed solution to unfair treatment ( the Constitution).Native Americans were denied access to their land, denied the right to have their voices be heard, and were separated. Daily, people declare rights as a solution to being treated unfairly, but those very rights exclude other people and the process begins all over again. In our current day world, Native Americans and other minorities are struggling.

If, all those years ago, they were treated fairly, they would be prosperous instead of struggling. Because they were treated like trash and dirt their lives and mindsets were surrounding that and, in result, they believed all the disrespectful things they were told and they grew accustomed to being treated badly. We, as a people who declare equality, need to ensure that Native Americans are treated equal. But can we after all the destruction that has taken place?