Drawbacks of Procrastination

Everything is based around time because it is a practical mean to plan and organize . It is a natural tendency for most people to push things off until the last minute, then rush to finish.

Some would claim that they work better under these conditions because their minds tend to think more creatively under this pressure to finish. However, this is a misconstrued idea and more students would certainly agree that there are more benefits of starting a assignments on time. Time management is essential for students to result in an overall better assignment. William Shakespeare quoted “Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late”. This quote suggests that the obvious and more practical approach in starting an assignment on time is to do it when given.

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This will allow the person to get more time in finding vital information that can be used as evidence to support the major points on the assignment. Also, situations sometimes do not go according to plan and it is better off to make mistakes early enough to ask the teacher for advice. A good example, that I experienced was when I was doing a project about dolphins and accidentally put in false information about the dolphin. Luckily, I started this project early enough so I was able to revise the information to make sense and give correct information. People who begin their assignments on time will have less stress while not making nominal mistakes. When someone is forced to finish an assignment by the next day and the clock is ticking down, the added pressure of finishing the assignment gives stress that can cause careless mistakes like grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and the content might be irrelevant to what is being said.

According to a Western Reserve University, people who procrastinate have higher levels of stress compared to others. This suggests that procrastinating is a awful way to approach into doing an assignment because the person will become worn out, depressed, while not being able to make any good progress. Some may argue that people work better under these conditions of procrastinating because they tend to be more creative. According to New York Times, 28 percent of college students were shown to be more innovative with their ideas when procrastinating. “It seems that working under these pressure seems to help students think outside the box because it gives the person a better chance to stumbling onto the unusual and spotting unexpected patterns”.

On the contrary, even with these benefits that support procrastination, there are much more drawbacks that occur when procrastinating such as not finishing on time, and high stress levels. In conclusion, many people are extremely lazy and push their work but this will result in a substandard assignment because the person will make careless mistakes and not be able to finish it on time. Even though many people would argue that they tend to be more creative when procrastinating, creativity can not make an assignment outstanding. In order to avoid procrastination, people would have to plan everyday of their lives and get clear about what they really need to finish.