Procrastination 101

Procrastination is a habit that can take years to master, and some say will take even longer to break. In my eyes, procrastination has never been a bad habit that could ruin a healthy high school career. The greatest planners can be the greatest procrastinators, which is exactly what high school molded me to be. One might ask, “How can this article even exist if you’re a procrastinator?” I must assure all the readers at this point that this article will be due in exactly 78 minutes, and the pressure for me to finish steadily rises with each minute that passes.

Mr. Keister can be heard from behind me, already beginning his first few sentences on what is bound to be a five-hour lecture on responsibility. I’d like to label myself a PROcrastinator. At this point in my high school career, I have already mastered the tricks of the trade. For students who want to become the best procrastinator you can be, here are some critical rules to follow: Procrastination does not mean don’t ever do your work, it means do it later Students hold a perception that procrastinating means you are never going to do the intended goal, which is utterly irresponsible. Homework is homework and regardless of what you may believe, teachers will mark down a big fat zero in the grade book if it is not completed.

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One would be surprised by how much it can affect your overall grade. Do not settle for that, anything else would be better than a zero. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN Before you set your way to Narnia, and hold off on starting that essay due in a couple days, you must plan. Planning means being prepared, and everyone knows that procrastinators are hardly ever prepared. This is what separates the big dogs from the amateurs.

It is critical that you give yourself enough time to finish the intended project before it is due. It does not matter whether or not you finish a minute before it is time to be handed, just make sure that the work is completed by the deadline. Procrastination is only for those who do well under pressure If you are not very good at taking tests or handling yourself calmly under pressure, then procrastination is not for you. Even the best procrastinators can break down at any moment due to pressure. If you feel like your best work comes out during stressful situations, then you have already accomplished half of what a great procrastinator hopes to achieve.

By using these easy rules on hard responsibilities you will soon be on your way to Procrastination Paradise. Unfortunately, my senior year will not be spent in paradise, but at Responsibility Resort. While staying there, I will spend every minute constantly planning my future and slacking is punishable by guilt. A great procrastinator will always know when to hang up the towel and this is my final hoorah. At least until my high school diploma arrives in the mail.