dream college

High school year is coming to its end. And so high school students are getting ready to choose the collages they want to attend to.

There are many choices and different places to go to. As a senior at the almost end of high school year I have chosen a college not that far away and that is NYC Hunter college. Hunter is located at 695 Park Ave New York, New York “it was founded in 1870 and it is part of the city university of New York system” (Peterson). It is a four year college that accepts people from both sexes; many of its students come 35 states and 150 other countries and this is great because you get to interact with people from different places and learn new things. It is also pretty obvious that you will have diversity of cultures since is located in New York.

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But to get accepted to this school you’re expected to have a “GPN has to be 3.0 and the SAT for critical reading have to be over 500: 65% and math also have to be over 500: 76%” (Paterson). Hunter has many majors, there is a lot to choose from for example early childhood teaching. This major is to be able to become a teacher for small kids and to be able to teach you will need to get a master’s degree. You can also receive different degrees depending on your major such as a “bachelor’s, master’s, and post master’s certificates” (Peterson). The cost for entrance depends on whether you are going to be a full-time student or a half-time student “$4,000 full time, $170 per credit part-time: nonresidents $10,800 full time, $360 per credit part-time” (Peterson).

You can also relay on financial aid for help if you are not able to pay for it by yourself. “Average financial aid package: $4809 the average indebtedness upon graduation: $ 7200” (Peterson). Hunter is a great college. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people and to learn different cultures. It also has a variety of majors to choose from and it can be affordable. I believe this is the college for me because, it has the major I want, it’s affordable, and it gives me an opportunity to meet new people and to learn different cultures.

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