Dream to reality

Getting to make your dream a reality will take lots of determination, hard work and sweat. My dream consists of me to have my own house with sports car. I want this because that’s the life I always wanted to live since i was little.

For example, a $2million dollar house with a lamborghini. I would also like to have my own family by that time. The steps I am going to need to accomplish this dream is first, graduate high school with good grades. After graduating high school, I will be going to college more specifically carrington college. When I’m in college I will be working towards a job that’s going to be paying enough salary to be able to support the dream. As this is going on I’m going to be getting a small job, for example a minimum wage job like working at Raley’s to be able to support myself.

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Getting a car to just be able to transport myself to where i need to go. Of course going through these steps Im going to need help. Financial support will be the most important for me, such as being able to pay for college funds. I will also need help and advice from the people around me, for example asking what college would be the best for me from my parents and counselors. There are physical things I’m going to need too, such as a car for transportation and college textbook to get me where i want physically and mentally. One of my favorite Quotes is ” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”- colin powell.

This quote represents many things about my dream. How I’m going to be doing extreme amount of hard work to be able to accomplish this dream and make it a reality. When I pull this off and follow the steps to my dream than all of that hard work will be paid off at the end.