Dressing Up

I am a student in high school. I don’t believe we should have to dress up for school, Monday thru Thursday. It is an egregiously bad decision.

Students would have to go out and by nice dress clothes just for school. That is money out of our pockets for something we will never wear again. You would be very distraught if you thought that would be a good idea. Most teenagers do not enjoy dressing up and if you think they would do it, they wouldn’t. They would walk around in their normal, everyday clothes. The administration would not tolerate that behavior; they would be giving out Saturdays left and right.

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That would make our school look shamefully bad. Then people would not want to go to Arrowhead like they do now, and our school would be paucity in size. The students would not be impunity to the rules. They would have to follow them like everyone else. But with something as stupid as dressing up, they would not follow. The student body would be acrimonious towards the school board, and they would never get along.

Do you really want a school where the school board and the students don’t get along? There would probably be a pernicious riot that would go on if you pass this rule. So please for the sake of our school do not pass this rule. Dressing up would not be beneficial to you. Let the kids wear what they want, like they already do.