Mrs.Passler – Educator of the Year Free Essay

English should not be a stressful and hated subject in school. I mean, dang, it’s our own language.

We use it everyday of our lives. The reason why students don’t like certain subjects, in school, is because of bad teachers or the way they teach. More technically, they may not be bad teachers, but they just don’t know how to grasp the students will or curiosity for learning. In order to learn, the students need to feel like the teacher is their friend, or they need to respect them. This is accomplished by the instructor being kind, understanding, helpful, and fun.

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Being laid back is a good trait too, and Mrs. Passler has all of these traits. It’s easy for anyone who knows her to really see her passion for what she does. If I was confused about anything at all, Mrs. Passler was always there with a warm and caring smile.

Honestly, I was starting to lose interest in the subject, because it was all the same and there was no spark. Mrs. Passler brought back that spark and excitement into the classroom. Like when we had to read a book that nobody was looking forward to doing, she would play the movie as we progressed through the book. It kept us interested and excited.

After the movie, we would talk about the differences between the book and the media.Not only does she bring spark to the classroom, but she also is the most kind and understanding person I have ever met. She doesn’t have all these crazy expectations and if you were having problems out of school, she would always be there to help and curve assignments to help your situation.Now that I really look back, being in her class was the first time I’ve ever learned and understood so much more grammar. When writing papers, I’ve noticed my quality has dramatically increased, and I only have her to thank.