Educator of the Year: Jack Dudzinski

A lot of people can claim they have a one of a kind teacher but only a select few of people can say that and mean it. I for one can say that my teacher Master Sergeant Howie is one of a kind. Msgt Howie is the most caring and concerned teacher I have ever had. He will always come up to any cadet and ask how their day is going and have a personal conversationwith the cadet, some of my teachers have taken a interest in me but none like Msgt Howie. Msgt Howie always tells us if we have personal stuff bothering us that we can always talk to him.

If cadets have a community service event or even sporting events, Msgt Howie will come to the event and support us. You can almost always count on him to come. Msgt Howie always makes sure we understand what we are learning before he gives out a test or before we move on to something else. Msgt says it how it is and will be 100% real and honest with you, he gives us cadets respect just as we should respect him. He treats his students like adults.

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Msgt Howie takes a general interest in cadets by asking them how their weekend was or just simply asking how they are doing. He will call the cadets he speaks to SIr/ Madam out of respect. When teaching lesson he will make it really fun by comparing the subject to the culture of today and when we are outside for Physical Training he will crack some jokes to keep the day interesting. Now when it comes to Inspection which takes place each thursday, Msgt Howie will inspect us critically but instead of just telling us what’s wrong with our uniform he will tell us how to fix and and how to be prepared for next time. Msgt truly does look out for the well being of his cadets Master Sergeant Howie is a retired marine who devoted his life to teaching Naval Science at Delaware Military Academy and he has truly had an impact of many cadets who passed through.

I believe Master Sergeant Howie should be educator of the year because he has earned it.