“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”- Pablo Picasso

I completely agree with this quote. Before you can make anything you must destroy something. Like with paint, you must destroy the minerals to make the pigment for the paint. The pigment makes the paint thicker and it adds color. See how something great can be made out of the ruins of something you must destroy.

Another reason I agree with this is because something can be made out of nothing. What I mean is like when they recycle paper and bottles. They can make couches and clothes out of used bottles and other recycled things. So you see something good and helpful came out of used recycled cans, so it was first destroyed then it was recreated. I also believe this with people.

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You can take a depressed person and make them happy. They will be like a new person. I will explain what this means. A person can be depressed for very different reasons. Then one day you could go and do something that will bring the person out of their depressed state. That is taking something that was destroyed and brought back.

So the person who helped bring them out of their depression just recreated them.