Exceptional Children

Exceptional children can be referred to the ones who portray capability which is not within the standards that is expected.

The child may appear as intelligent and somebody who gets things faster but inadequate development in language techniques or cognitive becomes a problem. In other words, a child can be said to be exceptional if handicapped either physically or from a mental perspective. In such a case, the child needs to be handled with a lot of care than the normal children. If the child is mental, it is very hard for the child to learn how to speak. This article will be an observation of a child with exceptional needs. It will focus on the developmental domains in cognitive perspective, social-emotional, language and physical.

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Cognitive development of a child can be said to be on how a child thinks, his or her perception and knowing of the environment around him via interacting with people around and the genetic influence based on what is learned. The cognitive development of a child should be handled with a lot of care by the people around to avoid feeding the brain with things the child cannot handle. Basing the development according to Piaget, it is divided into several stages. The first one is sensor motor level of development. In this level the development is based on the environment the child is exposed to.

Through the use of symbols around the child can learn how to speak. As time continues, the child thinking continues to develop and a more improved memory is notable.When the child gets to adolescent, the brain develops further. Intellectually, the child has grown and language development proceeds. Thinking becomes more operational as opposed to egocentric which comes in the early stages.

Upon becoming a youth egocentric sets in again. Exceptional child can be educated how to speak and they can develop skills of language depending on how the whole process is administered. This is because their case is not like that of a normal child. Exceptional cases have to be referred to a special school where they will be exposed to good attention of special tutors who specialize in that area. These are the people who usually couch them on how to communicate.

The process itself requires time and should be carried out in a systematic way. The child may sometime require undergoing therapy on speech and the end result in most cases is very encouraging. This is because apart from speech which develops the child grows in many other ways. It has been noted that cognitive development in a child can bbe boosted by speech therapy. On the social and emotional development of an exceptional child, it must be noted that, it has very significant impacts on the child’s education and progress in work later in life.

If the child emotional development is well taken care of, he is likely to have brilliant life in learning institutions, place of work and the behavior will just be okay. When the social development is poorly administered, the child is always at loggerheads with everybody he socializes with, he performs badly in school, being involved in criminal activities and the child is affected mentally and physically.The physical development of children comes in two stages. The first stage is when the child is expected to grow by the parents in terms of crawling alongside knowing other things like running. An important part of physical development is when the child learns to move as this comes with the child taking part in such activities as throwing objects among other things. The visual development is equally a physical aspect which enables a child to coordinate the hands with what is at his disposal.

In conclusion, children who are exceptional require to be taken care of in order to enable them fill comfortable just like the rest who are normal.