Why show up to school if you aren’t going to do your best? Good grades are a priority for me; my parents have always said.

.. “There isn’t one good excuse for a bad grade.” You decide your own future, and it’s based on how hard you’re whiling to work in school. So, the greater the effort you make, the better chance you have for success.

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I bet all of you have heard of those kids in your class that never have their work done. Day after day, they come up with excuses to tell the teacher. I mean, what is the purpose of those phony excuses? It’s not like the teacher is going to give you an A on an assignment you didn’t do, just because you thought of something the tell em’. And every one knows its B.S. to start with.

If some one put forth the same amount of effort they put into thinking of all their excuses, and actually did their assignment; you’d be surprised at what you can do and surprised in the dramatic change in your grade.