Fallon Case Study

Citibank, the sources of Ideas In their campaign came from the problem of their many Itself and the data they have gathered from the qualitative and quantitative research that have they conducted. In Holiday Inn Express, the sources of ideas in their campaign also came from the problem of their company itself and from the Falcon’s first step of identifying the target market of Holiday Inn express minored to formulate a solution and idea for type of campaign that they will be doing.

Fallen also conducted an extensive research to understand the psychological profile of users of that type of hotel and the motivation from their lodging choices. 2.

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In the Cit and Holiday Inn Express campaigns what were (a. ) the target markets and (b. ) each brand’s positioning? A. In Citibank, their target market are the” balance seekers” consumers. In the Holiday Inn Express, their target market are the “road warriors” which focuses on a specific group of travelers who seldom made reservation, In that case It was the males 25-54 years old that tend to travel by car when doing business. B.

The Cit campaign utilized billboards and wall advertising, bus shelter kiosks, magazines and television as part or their Brand Positioning. On the other hand, Holiday Inn Express uses television advertisement which is ran only on cable network such as CNN, ESP. and Fox Sports. 3. Compare the media used for the Cit and the Holiday Inn Express campaigns.

(a. ) Why were these media chosen? (b. ) Do you expect the use of these media to change in the future? A. On the part of Holiday Inn express, they only use television advertisement for the sake of creating a campaign with a great Impact yet limited budget.

The Cit uses Tailboards Ana wall perseverant, Dusk smelter KIOSKS, magazines Ana television Nearer o reach their target market easily and effectively. B.

Yes, Because as time passed by better forms of medias may come in as a result of an ever changing environment that surrounds us particularly in the field of technology. 4. How might Fallen and its clients measure the success of (a) the Cit and (b) the Holiday Inn Express campaigns. A. As Fallen used brand-tracking to chart the degree of differentiation of the City brand. Overtime, the differentiation climbed as more and more people perceived City as different from other banks yet relevant in their lives sales results were also costive card acquisition and card usage increased dramatically.

B. The result of the campaign has been very successful and very positive as the number of visitors, sales, and operating profits have increased . As a proof tot the said success, Holiday Inn Express now has 1,583 hotels and is the fastest growing hotel brand in the United States, adding two new hotels each week.

SUMMARY: This study focuses on how Fallen Worldwide, an advertising business, reflect their creativity in making award-winning campaigns such as the campaigns for these two impasses namely: Citibank and Holiday Inn Express Hotels. The case implicates that two companies were in need of help from an advertising company in order to get ahead with their competitor and to invite more customers.

Fallen Worldwide, as a creativity company as commented by them, show how it is possible to attract customers by simply being “quirky’, developing campaigns that people haven’t seen yet and by using different kinds of media.

To conclude this summary, Fallen worldwide emphasizes the need to build a culture of creativity and owe it can help make a genuine connection to almost everyone, inside or outside of any organization. In relation to what we have studied about Marketing Mix, Fallen Worldwide, as an advertising company, is inclusive of promotion, which is one of the ops of Marketing. Fallen Worldwide acted as the means of Holiday Inn Express and Citibank in promoting their brands. They contribute largely in the success of the two companies. This study shows/portrays how promotion is really important in the field of Marketing.