First Day of High School

For many freshmen the first day of high school feels like the scariest day ever. You have an idea of what you need for each class but you feel unprepared.

You are lugging around a giant book bag with all your stuff. Will you find your classes? Will you get there on time? You’re starving and lunch in the cafeteria will not be like the old days when you stayed with your class and the teacher was there to make sure you got your food. Will you find the end of food line? What about the rumors about freshmen hazing? Do you need to avoid all upperclassmen? I’ll share what helped me and I hope it helps you. Firstly, remember it is just a school and everyone has been a freshman. If you’re not sure of the school layout, I recommend getting your class schedule in advance and visiting the school. The school is open the week before school starts so pick a day to go with a parent or a friend that is familiar with the school and do a walkthrough of your classes in the same order that you have them.

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This will help you to find quick routes from class to class and keep you from getting turned around. Since the teachers are at the school, you may have a moment to speak with them when they do not have many other students asking questions at the same time but don’t expect to get a lot of time with them because they are trying to get ready for school too. Many schools have a “freshman day” to come and do this with all the other freshmen at the same time but it can be crazy and you may not be able to focus on your needs because you are busy catching up with friends. Once school starts you need to decide if you will use a locker. As a freshman, you might get one that is completely out of the way from most of your classes and you won’t use it.

Wait a week or two before deciding if a locker will be necessary. During the first week of school, lunchtime will seem like pandemonium. Many people are putting money in their lunch accounts and some will think they have money in their accounts from last year and don’t. There might even be computer issues. The crowd will be overwhelming.

I suggest bringing your lunch on your first day. This will give you time to find some friends to sit with, observe the process and actually get some time to eat. Some cafeterias offer microwaves for student use but mine doesn’t. The rumors aren’t true! Well, most of them anyways. There is no Freshmen Friday like you see in the movies, the upperclassmen don’t put you in lockers or trash cans, and if someone gives you directions to the school swimming pool and you didn’t see one at orientation, think twice before agreeing to meet them there.

The best way to avoid being a target is to display confidence and get involved in school activities. I suggest participating in some of the sports and extracurricular activities offered or find a club that has the same interests that appeal to you. The important thing here is that in the sports, activities or clubs, you are mixed in with upperclassmen and you meet people that share a common interest with you. In short, walking your classes before the school year begins is a tremendous help and bringing your lunch on the first day can spare you a few headaches. Make the effort to get involved and meeting new people will make the year that much easier. The year will pass faster than you think.

I hope these pointers help you out as they sure helped me.