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Vietnamese obsession of having any type of “achievement” creates a negative effect in education.

While students are having pressure of getting good grades In order to fulfill their parents’ will, teachers also have to make sure all of their students receive good marks to meet the school’s decided achievement. This might sound obvious, however there are students who are good at math but not good in science, who loves study and who don’t. As a result, academic dishonesty like cheating exam is likely to be occur frequently these days. My attempt in this paper

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Is to contribute my voice to acknowledge and make people understand more about this fact in education in Vietnam as well as giving suggestion to eliminate this situation. 2.

The definition of “Achievement Disease”: “Achievement” simply is an accomplishment in whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, not necessarily earning a lot of money. Achievement is doing what you want to do within the bounds of the law. It is the pursuit of dreams. It is liberty from the chains of fear and unbelief. It Is recognition of what makes you unique and what you have to offer others.

It is the realization, the substance, and the tangibility of a dream oilfield.

Thus, we can understand that “Achievement Disease In education” Is a type of disease which people try seeking to pursues achievements at any cost even with doing dishonesty or unethical behavior. Regarding the above explanation, taking efforts to pursue achievements of an Individual or a group Is a good moral character. It should be commend and encourage to every people. Just imagine a country in which every member takes efforts to achieve higher performance on the fields of activities: sports, arts, education, manufacturing, trade, technology and so on for his/her on sake and for the hole community.

The country Is certainly wealthy and prosperous In Its economy as well as society. However, when these efforts to achieve a good and necessary qualities of each 1 OFF memoir ten society Decodes a “Lasses”, Immoral Demeanor wall Kelly to napped which causes the system to be corrupted. To simplify the definition of this term, let’s just think of the basic differences between “original achievements” with “Achievement Disease” is the different between genuine goods and counterfeiting goods.

And the key factor that makes the difference is the existed or non-existed of onsets. 3. According to Murray (1938), he considered that need for achievements as one of the basic human needs.

4. Degree Appreciation is a serious issue in Vietnam Society nowadays. In fact, the psychology of degree appreciation is essential and remains harmless if it goes with a proper certification mechanism, which reflects one’s capability through the degree. Japan is considered to be the most succeeded country in pursuing degree appreciation.

Here, the employee assessment relies heavily on their degree which triggered a strong competition in the society. People are urging to receive lifted degrees to ensure their premise for success.

However, this is a totally different story in Vietnam. In a lot of cases, the degrees are not associated with actual capacity of the owners. In Vietnam, most people think that the best way to pursue successful in life is to obtain good university degree. This seems to be a huge burden creates by parents and the society, which forces the children to try their best to fulfill their parents.

Unfortunately, many young people who do not pass this pressure fell into fear and depression feeling, even leads to suicide. It is a painful truth seeing many students duty 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for the periodical achievements which are mostly useless in the future.

Currently, every Vietnamese family and person has a desire that they themselves or family members could achieve a university degree. This is actually one type of “achievement disease” which leads to the fact of redundant in teachers but shortage in workers and the more dangerous disease of “actual degree but simulated man”.

In a society where people only appreciate educational degree but underestimate the real ability of individuals may leads to severe consequences on the society: In Vietnam, we could easily find information regarding the evils of degree buying, point selling, academic degree selling, etc…

. Due to the fact that high positions always go along with better degree, in many cases a person is promoted in a higher position but he doesn’t meet the position degree criteria. As a result, he must buy a good degree to fulfill the promotion requirements or to keep the existing position.

Therefore in Vietnamese language we have a phrase called: “Paper P. H.

D or Paper Master” that implies people who use their money to buy fake certificates or degrees. Not until recently does the story about the fake degrees and certificates appears, it has been existed for many years since the beginning of “Doi Mom” policy. People always desire to have a position in the society. However at “old age, exhausted intelligence”, most people do not have enough time to study properly to obtain degree In ten relent way.

Due to the degree appreciation that has been rooted in most family, from kindergarten period till high school, parents always try to have their children study in granted schools and selected classes or extra study so that their children could be blew to pass universities entrance examinations.

As a result, some of so-called “granted school” is always overloaded and ran out of vacancy. However, in order to send their children to those schools and arrange at the best class, parents are often willing to “bribe” teachers.

However, we cannot blame the parents because they are just the victims of the degree requirements society. The situation is that those who have more degrees or higher qualifiers will be preferable than those have less. They do not test the real capability of the individuals but rather seeing if the individual stats all the degree criteria or not.

One other impact of “Achievement Disease” is that young people nowadays tends to choose the major which help them obtain money and promotion after graduation or easy to study.

At the same time, they turn their back on the society and humanity major, agriculture… It is said that the reason why young people turn their back on the social sciences and humanities is the bad impression from the high school education. There is an implicit distinction between main and minor subjects.

Math, physics, chemistry, foreign languages are always carefully taught by the teachers. Meanwhile, other subjects such as literature, history, geography seems to be taught briefly since teachers do not really care about what student acquired during the course.

On the other hand, many students consider not taking priority learning social subjects since they find it harder to find Job and receive low payment. A lot of students say that the graduate from social sciences could only find Job in government companies where they have to work within the framework like a robot rather than creation. Other reason is that the massive expansion of banking and business companies rates a lot of Job opportunities with high salaries attracts many students and so that most of them choose economic majors.

As a chain effect, students always choose economics to study as a secure decision and ignore their true passion and hobby.

Also, since in Vietnam society students of economics are likely to be more appreciated and respected rather than study social science or humanity. The “Achievement Disease” also appears to be happened at school. For example, in most schools, the most concerns are how to help the student study well and the ratio of graduated students. At the beginning of each year, most schools have to assign a goal setting towards the ratio of graduate student.

If at the end school doesn’t make its own criteria, it will hurt its reputation which might result in fewer investments from higher levels. As the solution, in a lot of schools, teachers are assigned to change the students score in order to meet the school’s standard.

This creates a significantly negative effect to the education sector and causes it to be more and more corrupted. 5, Remedies to this situation: In my perspective, In order to solve tens “Concealment Deals In education”, tenure would be a coordination and agreement between every management levels to propose a suitable solution.

Examination and quality evaluation must be implemented seriously. The education sector needs to have a long term strategy for the radical solution, synchronize but not hasty and impatient. We have to stay consistency to our goal but the methods have to be very flexible and capable of changes when needed. Currently, we need to strengthen the inspection of examination, giving strictly sanctions to the individual or group of people who deliberately try to violate the rules.

On the mean time government should focusing more on providing extra education to teachers so that they can cope up with model teaching methods, increasing investment in infrastructures and facilities to schools. Once the quality of education is fundamentally improved, “Achievement Disease” will eventually be eliminated. At the same time, we have to promote, encourages motivate teachers and education managers striving to overcome the outdated, inertia of the old education systems. This will be a long process of striven for education sector in particular and society as a whole.

In addition, we should prevent the phenomenon of “achieving” unrealistic goals, ratio which causes students as well as schools to dishonestly produce a fake result in study.

Meanwhile, all upper levels agencies should not put “Achievement” pressure on an area which has low-graduate rates but rather confront other real result, analyses to find out the main causes as well as delivering proper solutions to the situation. At the same time. Reforming the student assessment methods, since the current system measures success on the basis of completion of a particular grade but fails to measure students’ capacity.

More appropriate assessment methods could identify a child’s problems in a timely manner allowing for pragmatic adjustment. As we have already discussed, obsession of obtaining degrees and qualifications is also a main cause of “Academic Achievement Disease”.

Therefore, companies should not only based on one’s qualifications but also evaluate carefully one’s real capability through giving tasks and observe the final results. In order to accomplish this, in all industry, individual capability assessment needs to be changed so that there will be no more “Paper P. HP’ or “Paper Master” and so on.