Gardenia Bakeries Case Study

Within four short years, it became the bread market leader with an astounding 99 percent brand recall rate and 80 percent top-of-mind recall. Gardenia’s range of products grew and evolved through the years, becoming better and better with each step. Leveraging on Its brand strength, Gardenia now produces a variety of baked products to satisfy consumers’ demands.

Products of Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad

There are 11 types of product that Gardenia Bakeries produce, 10 types of it are all breads and the specific one is the coconut Jam called “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak”. We are only focusing on the product “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” which is very popular in Malaysia. “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” is a coconut jam made from coconut milk, egg, caramel, panda leaf extract, food conditioner, salt and sweetened with sugar.

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The pricing strategy for Gardenia Bakeries (KILL) Sad Bad that Is used upon “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” is the Market oriented pricing strategy. Market oriented pricing strategy is setting a price based upon analysis and research compiled from the target market. This means that marketers will set prices depending on the results room the research. The price that Gardenia set for “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” is RIM. 50, but there is also competitive rival that throw prices such is RMI .

80 and RIM. O. Gardenia would stay firm with this price due to its quality and well known brand over all these years.

Gardenia Bakeries Case Study

Place/Distribution Gardenia Bakeries

Sad Bad doesn’t have its own outlets but it depend on grocery stall, hypermarket and mini markets to distribute its products.

Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad provides their product to places Like big hypermarkets and mini markets along the street. As long there Is stalls or outlet selling Gardenia bread products, there are sure “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” for sale.

Promotion Gardenia Bakeries

Sad Bad does not do any promotions.

General Information about Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is on Australia’s south-east coast, on the Tasmania Sea. In June 2010 the greater metropolitan area had an approximate population of 4.

6 million people. Inhabitants of Sydney are called Sidewinders, comprising a cosmopolitan and international population.

State of the economy

The economy of Australia is one of the largest capitalist economies in the world with a GAP of IIS$I . 57 trillion. Australia’s total wealth is 6. 4 trillion dollars.

In 2011, it was the 13th largest national economy by nominal GAP and the 17th-largest measured by “APP adjusted GAP”, about 1 . 7% of the world economy. Australia is the 19th-largest importer and 19th-largest exporter. Economy of Australia is quarterly forecasted by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Australian National University in Canberra also supplements Probabilistic interest rate setting project for the Australian Economy, which is compiled by Shadow board members from the ANN. academic staff.

Reasons for selection

Australia is one of the richest countries to fulfill purchasing needs. I would target Sydney is because it is one of the largest city in Australia. In Sydney, there is a big population of people there and it includes a lot of overseas student from Malaysia too. The main reason I target Sydney Australia is because the coconut Jam would be easier to spread and sell for a head start because there is a lot of Malaysian and Singapore students studying there.

Pastel Analysis

Pestle Analysis of Australia Factors Facts Findings Political Australia is a political stable country. Legally is not a problem to sell “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” there.

Selling “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” is not a problem. However Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad must expect competition in this industry Economic Australia’s economy is doing very well. GAP growth is 3. 4% and the per capital income is one of the highest in the world. The economy is generating opportunity for Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad to sell “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” Social ; Culture 0 Have Forces Analysis Five Forces Analysis.

Forces Explanation Score Low Pressure  Existing Rivalry

There are many competitions in the market. New Entrants/ Potential Competitors: It is predicted to have more competitions entering into the market 5 Consumer Bargaining Power The consumer of Australia would try to purchase because Australian likes coconut and are willing to try a new type of Jam 3 Substitute There are many substitute such as Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Jams 4 Supplies It is near Malaysia therefore lower transportation cost and exporting cost 1 6 u Entry strategy The proposed entry strategy for Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad to enter Sydney, Australia should be “Indirect Exporting” because Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad could use a middleman to carry out the responsibility for the selling Job to sell it to all the hypermarket and mini market. There are a lot of advantages for doing so. First is the risk would be very low for Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad and it would be safe to let the local middleman get contacts and to apply all the selling. Secondly because that Gardenia Bakeries Sad Bad is a small firm which limits their export business and it focus more on its own country Malaysia, it could be an advantage for them to expose themselves to the Australian.

Marketing Mix Proposal

  1. Product The product’s name “Auntie Rookie’s Natural Panda Kayak” should be changed due to the culture there don’t understand what is “Panda” and “Kayak” and I find “Auntie Rosier” is nobody therefore it should be change. It should be changed to “Gardenia’s Coconut Jam” which it will suit the environment of Australia directly.
  2. Pricing The price strategy would be using the Market Penetration Strategy which is to sell it cheaper in the first three to five months and then raise the price to the normal price. I would suggest that the price that we should allocate in Australia is $2. 0 Susie Dollars for each coconut Jam and after that it should be raised back to $2. 5 Susie Dollars.
  3. Place/Distribution We would be having a distributor as middle men to sell to all the hypermarkets, mini markets and even groceries store. We are targeting Sydney as our targeted location to start with first.
  4. Promotion I would want to sell it with a promotion Just for the first month. By purchasing one “Gardenia’s Coconut Jam” we would free one more for the consumers. So it is a buy one free one promotion.

    This promotion will only valid for one month.