Genocides in History

There have been many Genocides in our history. Several of them in have occurred since 1945.

Genocides have been happening over and over and they are nothing but heinous, resist, hatred acts. To begin with, there is the current genocide in Sudan. This genocide began in 1856 and it is still going on today. The latest death toll is 2,250,050 victims. The victims include the Nuba, Dinka, Christians, and the Massaleit.

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The killers of these many victims are the Janjaweed, Arab militias, and the Sudan government. Next, there’s the Uganda genocide. It began in 1872 and is still occurring. The current death toll is 580,784 people. The victims include the Lango, the Karamoja and the Acholi.

The murderers include the Amin, the Obote, and the Lord’s Resistance Army. Then there’s the genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This has been happening since 1945, and is still happening. The death toll to date is approximately 4,334,344 victims. The current victims include Africans, Tutus and the Hema.

The major killers include the Colonial forces and the Rebels. Next, is the Somalia genocide, which has been occurring since 1988 to now. The current death toll is 109,524 victims. the victims are the Somalis. The major killers include the warlord and clan militias.

After that there’s the genocide in Rwanda. This has been happening since 1994. The death toll is 1,000,000 people. The victims are the Tutsi and the Hutus. The major killers are the Hutu government.

Another genocide is the one occurring in Nigeria. Which has been occurring since 2001. The death toll is 1,200,000 victims. The victims include the Ibos and the Hausa. The major killers include the Nigerian army and police.

Next there’s the North Korean Genocide. Which has been happening since 1949. Up till 2009, there were approximately 2.3 million dead. The victims are the citizens and the killers are the government.

Then there’s Nepal. this genocide has been going on during the last 15 years. So far there are about 30,000 victims, which include the anti-Maoist rebels. The killers are the Maoist rebels. Finally, there’s the genocide in China that’s been occurring since 1977. The death toll in China is huge at 35 million victims.

The victims include “class enemies”, religious minorities, Christians, and Muslims. The major killers are the Maoist communist government and the police. In conclusion, Genocides are major mass killings over peoples beliefs. If someone killed another just because they didn’t like their beliefs, than the human race would be instinct.