History of the Web

The original purpose of the Internet was for teaching and business but a collage professor though about making the Internet available for everybody to use. This idea got out to collage students who lived in the southern part of San Francisco Bay called Silicon Valley.

They decided to make a public web browser called Mosaic. In a short time many other people including a young Bill Gates had many similar ideas too. Mosaic was soon shut down due to the creation of Microsoft and its rapidly growing business. After the downfall of Mosaic, Netscape,a company that was before Microsoft, was trying to overthrow the Microsoft empire and become the next big thing.

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When the “Internet war” started Netscape was begging to lose until Microsoft offered Netscape $1,000,000 to stop and shut down the company. They declined. Netscape was trying harder than ever to overthrow Microsoft and win the “war” when they found out that Microsoft had the upper hand in the stock market. Then a miracle happened. One day the workers at Netscape saw that the stock for the company went up drastically and they knew that they had won. But for how long? Netscape poked fun at Microsoft for losing and realized that was a big mistake when Microsoft came out with InternetExplorer.

Not long after the downfall of Netscape, Microsoft had a party and became drunk. At the party the oversized logo of InternetExplorer in the main lobby was put on the back of a tuck, taken to the office building of Netscape, and dumped into the main plaza fountain as an act of revenge. Bill Gates was claimed “the richest man in the world” until he was sued in a trial called United Sates vs. Microsoft. Bill Gates lost over $100,000,000. Microsoft knew they weren’t the only Internet browser in the world and that they would have much more competition in the future.

Including the most used Internet browser to date. Apple.