Getting Tested

Part of your senior year is about getting prepared for whatever may come after high school for the graduates.Have you ever thought about if it would help graduates to take a test at the end of the year that is based on life skills and all academics? Could we help them be more ready for the real world? In my opinion it could help them in many different ways and also help the teachers in some. Here are just a few reasons why I think they should have to take one. In high school I feel there are a lot of times when you get all your math, history, English, and science done during your freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Our senior year is mainly electives and small credits you’re just trying to finish up, making it so easy to forget the things you really will need in college, a job, the military, etc.

My reason for saying this is you still will need a lot of the academics, so why should school just send you on your way without making sure you learned it enough to remember it? Also, your senior year is about preparing for the rest of your life. Taking a test to see what you are ready for and what you’re not so ready for can help the school give you the keys you need to be successful outside of academics. There is so much more than just the basic book work after high school. I feel that since we are in school so much they should help us be prepared for a little bit of everything. Things I would like to see on it would be questions on balancing a checkbook, filing taxes, mortgaging a house; also basic math, science, English, and history. Lastly, let’s be honest here, not everyone loves every subject.

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Yes, you learn enough to get maybe a A or B while you’re in the class. I know for myself I’m still lost in maybe two subjects. Personally, I feel like everyone struggles with at least one subject. This test can also show the schools how well you really do know the subjects. It also can help show them how well the teachers are teaching everyone.

During my personal experience I have come to realize there is so much we fit into our high school years. Some we really do need some maybe we don’t need as much. I think giving us all the tools we need for after school should bea big part of our senior year. Plus, think about it:not everyone has someone to help them balance a checkbook or whatever it may be. So I think we should be tested to see what we need help with after graduation. Plus, it always could also make us feel a little more comfortable when figuring out our plans.

I’m not saying mess up our graduation and make it to where this grade affects our GPA or anything, but it can help us figure out what we need to work on to pursue whatever we would like. Then why not go that extra mile to make things a little less complicated when we are out of school? I think there is only up from the way our school systems work right now, meaning we can only improve. It would give me a lot of satisfaction and I would feel a lot more guided and prepared graduating high school.