Getting To Know Ian

What I know about Ian is that he gets too overwhelmed, too distracted, and worries about everything. The one thing that makes everything hard for him is essays.

They’re too much writing and researching; research is new to him, he’s never done it for school work only just for games or something that he needs or wants. Ian gets distracted by his friends especially in school that is why he never gets his work done. But, Ian’s got a lot of good points to him too. He likes to challenge myself. He likes to try new things.

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He likes to learn new songs on the guitar and get himself involved in events at church. Songs like “Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture have allowed him to express his emotions. The challenge of learning it paid off in rewards at the end because he has a way to get through things he’s feeling He likes to help people out. If a friend is in a bad mood and needs advice or other help in their situation, he’ll try to help them with it. He prays and fasts with them about their troubles. One of his friends, we’ll call him Steve, saw his parents go through a divorce.

They kept arguing and it would overwhelm Steve. He couldn’t concentrate in school and in life. Ian talked to him and tried to encourage him that his parents would be there for each other and him as much as they could and that they would show love to each other in some ways. It calmed Steve down and he realized that he didn’t cause the break up. Ian has a passion for evangelizing to others. Another friend of Ian’s asked him about God and why he believed in Him.

Ian told him how God is there with you, in your laughs and when you’re crying; He never wants you to feel alone. He was shocked because he cried himself to sleep every night, feeling alone because he was bullied. He felt there was no one to be there with him. After Ian talked to him about God, he became a Christian after being an atheist and finally didn’t feel alone even in his tears. Even though Ian might have his trouble with being distracted or even disrespectful sometimes, you can count on him. He has his bad days, and maybe you haven’t seen them, but they come.

But they don’t define him. If nothing else, remember that Ian is passionate. Passionate in his hate for writing and in his loves as well.