God Exists

Does God really exist? For years this question has been asked and the same answer rings true; yes, He does. There are ways to proving this fact when people decide to debate it.

Due to archeological findings, additional manuscript writings, and prophetic truths, there is nothing else to believe except that God does exist. Archeologists are finding more and more artifacts and evidence that what is said in the Bible is true. Although it is the Word of God, it is also a history book; since creation started history, they coincide. If there are physical artifacts for real proof, why is it that some still don’t believe in the Bible? If an archeologist said that an event in history that everyone had learned about did not happen, and had proof, they would be a fool to not believe the archeologist. Since almost all people would believe the archeologist with proof, people should believe in the Bible, which is constantly recovering the same proof. There are 12, 565 other writings referring to events, people, and correct time periods in the Bible.

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Christianity is the only religion that has so many other writings that coincide with the Bible. While other religions may have a couple hundred writings, some have none; and even then the religions with a couple hundred other writings, aside from their ‘bible’, often contradict themselves. If someone is handed a history book, they are most likely going to believe it; the history book would most likely contain facts, quotes from scientists and archeologists and historians, and even pictures. The Bible may not have pictures, but it has everything else and the artifacts that are being found yearly are more proof than a mere picture. Also, these manuscripts coincide with the Bible; some writings for other religions like the Jews and Roman Catholics completely contradict Scripture. Some time back people said that the prophecies in the Bible were just that- ‘prophecies’.

Due to archeological findings and manuscripts, however, many prophecies have been proven to be true. If those prophecies have been proven true, why would the others be lies? Even though the hunt for proof of other prophecies is going on presently, it is more than logical to believe that all prophecies in the Bible are true because more and more physical evidence is being found to back up these assumptions. When scrolls or lost cities are found in the archeological land sites, they tell what happened and many scrolls that have been recovered record the prophecy and when it came to pass. Those same prophecies are in the Bible! So why would people think that the Bible is false if there is evidence that it actually happened? Archeological findings, extra manuscript writings, and prophetic truths show that there is nothing else to believe except that God does exist. I did not mention this in any of my paragraphs because I wanted to save it for my conclusion; who wrote the Bible? God did.

If these three ways prove the Bible’s truth, then it seems reasonable that the author is real too. In finding the truth of the Bible, it proves that God does exist. I challenge you to do the research and find more specific land sites and writings and pictures of archeological artifacts and compare them to the Bible; you’d be amazed with their reality.