Going to School on Friday

After a successful season of playing of high school football, our team has finally made it to state after the outstanding win against Hudson 43-20. Having school on this day that could make us state champs would be outrageous, considering the majority of student’s arn’t going to be there.

“If I were to go to school all day Friday, my schedule would consist of three classes of review and two classes playing Spanish scrabble. So it’s not really vital to my education for me to be at school, “says senior Livi. In my personal finance class, our teacher was asking how many students are actually going to be at school Friday and a little more than half the class said they were. Not knowing how much more students are going to be gone in other classes, there isn’t that much to do in the class. So is there really a point of going? When playing football, there are a lot of practices that can become time consuming.

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Almost everyone comes out to support them Friday at the football games and it makes us united and closer together. All of the fans at Arrowhead have been there from the start and it would be nice to see them finish. If school goes to school up until eighth hour on Friday, no one is going to be focusing during classes and most likely is going to get in trouble because no one is doing anything. Not saying, every state game we should get a half day, just the ones when we are in it. Even if we get off at lunch time, we could count it as a school day and everyone can get focused on the game so no one is late and everyone gets a good spot.

What would make more sense is having half a day that way students will be more willing to come for some of the day, and it counts as a day of school.