Essay on Growing up

I’m sure that everyone has wished they were perfect at one point in their life. I guess striving for perfection isn’t such a bad thing; if that’s what keeps your grades up and maintains your physical appearance then it can be pretty helpful… The problems start when you let this obsession take over your life and soon everything you’ve worked so hard for slips away from what you thought was a secure mask, leaving you exposed to the world as your true self. Teens are under so much pressure these days, not only to fit in with the crowd at school, but also to keep up with exams, coursework and fitness levels. The expectations are radically high for someone that’s barely left childhood.

Teen years are meant to be smooth the transition from childhood to adulthood. Instead of this being a calm few years of support and help, you are plunged into the real world, bewildered and unsure of practically anything everything. You are forced to grow up in just a few years time, and soon you are lulled into a full sense of security, sure that you are safe now you have become an ‘adult’, reassured by teachers and parents that you are ‘grown-up’ and a perfectly capable human being. The truth is that teens need as much support as possible because growing up isn’t that easy…

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