Help Out !

Did you know that if you helped clean the school for 15minutes, it could help the environment, your health, and keep your school in great shape? Well that’s what I think we should do, because we could be helping others and ourselves! For example, cleaning the school could help our health because, if there are people who have allergies they could maybe not needs their meds As much as before, because there would be less dust and stuff in the school.

There would be fewer germs in the school so it could help people get sick as much as usual. There also would be less bugs and stuff, so kids wouldn’t be worried about things getting in their lunches or getting rashes and things. Another example is that it could help keep the school in great shape, because stuff wouldn’t break that easily because it was token good care of. The principles would be able to save more money for the school because less stuff wouldn’t be breaking and they wouldn’t need to buy that much stuff. They could have enough money for when they really need something and then in the future the school could be higher tec. And they could do a lot more things for all the other students in the future.

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Cleaning the school everyday can help our environment because we have recycling bins around and that helps because there’s less litter. We get to use the great things we need everyday, over again! It can help us too, to because of the recession, if we recycle we would save money at times, and it can help people that really need it like Haiti and other cities. Some could argue that some children cant clean because if they have bad allergies or need meds because they might be allergic to something. Well then, that’s why the child should bring a note informing that so the adults will know, and they would be fine! This is its weakness, I think if we clean the school for 15minutes we would save a lot of things and we could all individually become successful in our own way because we wouldn’t be lazy so we could get a good job, we would save money, help our health, environment, keep our schools in great shape, and it would also help our land! That’s why I think we should help our school out because it would be a great start for our future!