Kids picking up their schools.

What would you do if your schools made you take fifteen minutes of your time to help clean the school? Well, in some country’s students are responsible for the basic daily cleanings such as sweeping, dusting, and cleaning their classrooms and lots more. I think kids should take fifteen minutes out of their school time, because it shows that they respect their school, it also helps them to work as a team, and it help the janitors out.

To start, schools around the world are teaching kids how to work as a team. When they help clean their schools, they will notice that their not the only once working, and that if they work as a team it’s easier and faster then working by themselves. Some may say that their not going to do help clean because its nasty or its not their job. Well reality check, what would you do if there weren’t any janitors or people to pick up after you? To add, when kids help clean their schools; it puts less work on the janitors. I know they get paid for cleaning and picking up after you, but put your self into their shoes.

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What if you were a janitor and kids left papers on the floor and in the desks and you had to pick it up and not them. Wouldn’t you want them to help pick it up? I know I would so why not help pick up the trash and things on the floor and in the desks? To follow, kids also learn to respect their schools by help picking up. First, it teaches them to respect the school, and what they have in their school. Some kids don’t care what their schools look like in the inside or out, so they just throw things anywhere. Why do that if you can learn in a clean room or eat in a clean cafeteria? Kids should want to help clean their schools so their schools can be represented in a good way.

To end, people need to think before they say, “I’m not going to help clean that school” because you may gain respect or may just feel good because you helped someone and you learn how to worked as a team.