Hero Builders Case Study

Which of the four types of the studies are presented in this case. Research details mentioned in the case complies with the requirements of the descriptive tube of research. As we see from the research researcher collected data and tried to reveal the other players of the market and general trends. The study answers to the question “who? ” and considering clarifications of legal side that mentioned in the research to the question “hour.

Drawing conclusion from that features we relate it to he descriptive type of the research. . What issues, other than those Veal chose to evaluate, would you have Included In your research plan for Herbicides. Com? Although the Hurdlers. Com succeeded in business and gained popularity we observed few important issues that were omitted by Mr..

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Veal and they constitute gaps of the research which should be considered before marketing product. 1. Promotion: From the research we do not observe any actions in this direction. No research regarding promotion means was observed initially to promote the product In the market. 2.

Price: Mr..

Vehicle researched for identifying the major players In the market not their price policy. Price issue Is also Important In the profitability of the business. So It also should be considered.

3. Customer segment: We would add Identification of potential customer segment as well to the research. This could be helpful In focusing on special category of customers and Increase popularity and profits of the business. 4. Distribution canals are also avoided In the research. Potential of either online selling and selling via toy shops should be Investigated profoundly.