High School

Walking down these hallways you will see the different groups, like the view from an airplane looking down at all the cities. Everyone has a group they “run with” and that will never change. There is the jocks, cheerleaders, and geeks.

You should know that high school isn’t everything. The cliques don’t matter. The grades matter. High school is just a stepping stone to help you make your dreams come true. Sure, you might want to be popular, everyone does. That’s not what is important.

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People make it seem like it is important but it actually isn’t. Ten years from now you might not even remember what groups you were with in high school. You will remember the grades you got in high school if it helped you or prevented you from making your dreams come true. If you blow off school to be in the popular crowd you will remember that when you’re at your minimum wage job. Make the most of high school while also getting the grades you need to make your future career choice a possibility. For me, my friends actually played a big role in helping me through this stepping stone.

I wasn’t in the popular crowd but I had great friends who encouraged me to do the best I could in school and now, thanks to them, I am able to make my dreams come true. I hope the same happens for you. Good luck with your next four years!