High School Sports

Some may say that if the school is low on money why do they have sports teams? I am saying that we should keep sports teams for these reasons. One, it keeps kids out of trouble in and out of school. Second, you learn stuff on a team that you can’t be taught in school. Third, kids go to collages to play sports and maybe make it to the pros. My first reason they should keep sports in school is because it keeps kids off the streets at night.

Some practices or games are after school, so by the time you get home from school and practice or game, you will be to tired to go outside and start trouble. Another reason why is because it will keep kids grades up, because if you are failing or acting up in class you will not be allowed to play and you will have to run at practice. A second reason to keep school sports is that you can learn things on a team that you don’t in school. Things you learn on a team could help you in school by helping others. When you play sports you learn how to do stuff under pressure and that could help you take a test. An example is learning to back one another up, not like fighting but making sure they are doing the right thing.

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My strongest reason to keep sports in school is that kids go to collage to play sports. What I am trying to say is that most kids cant pay for collage, so if they get a free ride then they can get an education and a chance to play sports. If you take sports out of middle school and high school it will be hard to go to collage. Collage is the best way to make the pros and to get a job later in life. So there are the 3 reasons why I think we should keep sports in school or there is going to be a lot more people not going to collage because they cant pay. Kids will go back to getting in trouble in and out of school and slack in the grade book.