High School: What It Has Done for Me So Far

I know years fron now, I’ll look back on high school with some degree of fondness, but as far as I can tell that’s along way off.

High School (despite the commercials six flags airs) is the biggest roller coaster you’ll ever get on in your life. And I’m not talking metaphorically, either. With the nervous butterflies, sweaty palms, and speedy heart rates, I mean high school is just another ride. Even though I’m only a sophmore, I’m ready to grab a diploma and just go. There are days where I’m so angry and frustrated that I want to scream, days where I cry myself dry over classes, grades, lost friends, and days when I wonder why am I here (besides truancy and child labor laws). I think about how alone I feel and how this coul be my life as I get older and I just carry these stones of misery and pain on my back.

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Then there are days when I look at my phone and see my friends acting like goofballs, I get emails from Teen Ink telling me people liked my stuff, or someone gives me a new book to read. And I think to myself that high school ain’t that bad. High School, so far has opened up my eyes and shown me a little piece of who I am and how I could potentially fit into the world. Now I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be like Beyonce and grab a bat on some days (Lemonade is Fire!!!) but I know there will be days when I can say “Here’s to Never Growing Up”, Because that’s what high school is. It changes to keep you in perspective, and helps you grow into better version of you